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“To follow the path of the Eclipse is to walk the unexplored, the alien, the unnatural, and the heresy” On a faithful night, Isaya is taken from his home to an alien place, his soul forced into the body of Ellianor, a vessel of an ominous and foreign entity as a System and a Mysterious Voice takes hold of his mind and soul. Ellianor is now forced into a new world of hardships, alien technology, and space travel, dealing with the Voice inside the system and its hidden agenda, while uncovering the truths of the universe, and the truth about Ellianor’s existence. Now he shall wield the mysterious power of the Void Slayer System, while paving his way towards the death of the Primordial God, Void itself. [IT SEEMS THAT YOU HAVE STARTED, DEAR VESSEL. I WELCOME THEE INTO THE BIG BIG WORLD. MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR TIME, ELLIANOR] ____ A\/N: The story is a space fantasy, with fantasy themes and concepts applied to a sci-fi and interstellar setting. Updates: I got hit with a nasty sickness, so I'm changing the upload schedule to a chapter a day.