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Disclaimer: zero to strongest villain(setting) 2. Disclaimer: This is not the story where the main character gets Transmits into a novel (he is a villain cause of his action, so there are no hero or main female lead characters like other villain novels. so keep that in mind before you start.) 3. Disclaimer: no harem, there is a single female lead. Evil lich from the fantasy world of Eldora finds himself transmigrated into the body of a despised, third-rate villain from a noble family in a modern world (Earth) that is now overrun with dungeons. In this world, guilds and noble families wield more power than the government itself. Follow the Ex lich's journey as he navigates his new life as a most hated member of a noble family, transforming from a disgusting third-rate villain into the mastermind behind a formidable evil organization that aims to control the entire world. ............................ What to Expect from this Novel: 1. Weak to strong MC... but it's more like moderately strong to stronger. 2. Spicy romance setup... not the erotic kind, but you'll know what I mean when you read it. 3. Realistic characters... no brain-dead side characters who look down on the MC for no reason or support the MC just because he's the MC. 4. Villain MC.... he won't be totally evil, killing for no reason, but if he needs something and it requires doing evil things, he won't bat an eye. 5. The MC can be edgy in the earlier chapters, so bear with it. 6. Relatable MC... I can't guarantee this one, but I'll try to make him as relatable as possible. 7. Daily updates... I'll try my best. 8. Harem... hehehe! Not sure myself, we'll see. Do you want it? I'm thinking of a single female lead, to be honest. 9. Dungeons, systems, monsters, and other cliché stuff... even after exploiting it for so long, it's still not boring so... 10. Poor quality writing and typos... try a couple of chapters, and you'll know. I promise to get better! But please handle it at least until chapter 20. English is not my first language, like most authors here. 11. 10 comments or 10 power stones = 1 extra chapter. 12. The MC won't follow others' legacies but will create his own sword art. Yes, there will be many failures and no shortcuts. {Thanks for Reading it till the end. I hope you will enjoy reading the novel.}