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Extremely Precious

Seeing that the young master was silent, Chang An turned to look at Uncle Sun, who had come over at some point. Uncle Sun, were living under someone elses roof now. Its better to be cautious. Please persuade the young master to stay away from Eldest Miss Yu.

Uncle Sun, who was in his sixties, had white hair and a beard. He was wearing a gray jacket and was sitting on a stool by the window, leisurely drinking tea. When he saw Chang An looking over, his drooping eyelids lifted. How foolish.

Chang An was furious. He puffed his cheeks up indignantly.

Uncle Sun glanced at him. You feel indignant? Why dont you think about it more carefully? Although the Yu family and the Zhou family are relatives, the late Old Madam Zhou had married into You Prefecture and had been distanced from the Yu family for many years. This familial connection only runs so deep. However, the real decision maker in the residence is Old Madam Yu, who treats Young Master differently only because of her close relationship with Old Madam Zhou in the past. Otherwise, with Young Masters situation, Im afraid people merely think of him as a pitiful visiting relative.

Chang An understood what Uncle Sun meant and looked ashamed.ViiSiit nvelb


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Young Masters legs were not good and his future was uncertain. Furthermore, he was just a relative from Youzhou. If not for Old Madam Yu, how could Young Master be living so freely in the Yu Residence?

Hence, being nice to Yu Youyao, whom Old Madam Yu doted on most, was also an act of respect and gratefulness toward Old Madam Yu.

Uncle Sun said thoughtfully, The people from the main courtyard are not easy to get along with. When I entered the residence yesterday, I took a good look at Third Miss Yu from afar. I could tell at a glance that Third Miss Yu was born at full term. Although her body is a little weak, as long as she is well-nourished, she will be fine!

When Chang An heard this, his eyes widened. This, this, isnt this

Uncle Suns medical skills were brilliant, so naturally, he wouldnt have deduced wrongly. But if Third Miss Yu was born at full term, wouldnt that mean that Master Yu and Madam Yang had

Chang Ans face turned red, and he did not dare to think any further.

He had heard that Third Miss Yu was in poor health because of her premature birth. So, seeing how she always looked pale and frail, wasnt she just putting on an act?

In that case, were the rumors about Eldest Miss Yu still true?

Chang An was absolutely confused. With the painting in hand, he left the house in a daze.

Uncle Sun shook his head. Silly boy.

Not long after, Yu Youyao received the painting from Chang An and opened it carefully. Immediately, her eyes opened wide.

The painting showed the garden that had been decorated by Yu Youyao, with vines on the walls, and there were all kinds of flowers in bloom. It was colorful and breathtaking.

In the courtyard, there was an old grape vine with long branches that extended endlessly. Between the green leaves, there were clusters of ruby grapes. It looked delightful. There were even stone tables and stone chairs under the grape trellis

The red water lilies in the vat were in full bloom, and they were a bright, scorching red. There were pots of hanging orchids under the porch, and between the long green leaves hung flower stems, which bore rows of small flowers that looked fresh and elegant.

There was beautiful scenery in every corner. It was exactly as Yu Youyao had envisioned.

Zhou Linghuais painting skills were excellent. His elegant brushwork revealed sophisticated techniques, and his brush moves were interesting. The light and dark colors complemented each other, creating a magnificent piece.

Even though Yu Youyao did not know anything about art, she could tell that her cousin had amazing painting skills.

She carefully rolled it back up, treating it like a precious piece of treasure. Chun Xiao, get someone to frame it and hang it in my room later.

Chun Xiao nodded. There were several famous masterpieces in the young mistress house, such as paintings of noble ladies on a spring tour at the palace or chasing butterflies. Each one of them was rare and valuable.

However, Yu Youyao had no interest in any of them. She only liked Young Master Zhous work.

Chun Xiao glanced at the Sutra of the Medicine Buddha scriptures. Because it was rather long, Young Mistress had folded both ends and displayed her favorite section.

In no time, the news that Zhou Linghuai had given Yu Youyao a painting was spreading to Old Madam Yu.

Old Madam Yu fiddled with her prayer beads. Hes a sensible child indeed.

Nanny Liu smiled and agreed. Young Master Zhou is a good one.

Old Madam Yu closed her eyes lightly. I hope that he really understands how good Yaoyao is, and sincerely treats her well, so that from now on, Yao Yao will have an elder brother to rely on.

Nanny Liu was silent.

Although Young Master Zhou was just a cousin, there was no one else in the family. In the future, he would settle down in the Yu familys main house. Although they werent closely related by blood, being from the same house would be a strong connection, as opposed to being from different houses.

In the blink of an eye, another two days had passed.

Yu Youyao woke up late, so she did not go to An Shou Hall to have breakfast with her grandmother.

Chun Xiao served some dessert and snacks. Yu Youyao had some and ordered someone to send some to The Green House as well. She then had Chun Xiao bring a pot of jasmine tea and they headed over to An Shou Hall together.

Old Madam Yu happened to be talking to a woman who was wearing a silver hairpin.

Yu Youyao glanced at her curiously, and saw that she was wearing a dark blue patterned jacket, her back was flat and straight, but her shoulders leaned forward slightly. Her appearance was flawlessly tidy, and she exuded an imposing aura that not even Nanny Liu had, making anyone around her feel nervous and on edge.

Yu Youyao did not dare to even breathe too loudly. She hurriedly retracted her gaze, not daring to glance around anymore. She even straightened her back a little, and looked like a student who had just been disciplined by a teacher.

Seeing this scene, Old Madam Yu couldnt help but laugh to herself. She waved Yu Youyao over. Yao Yao, this is Auntie Xu. She was from the royal palace. Come and greet her.

Hearing that she had come from the palace, it was no wonder that she had such an impressive aura. Yu Youyao didnt dare to seem rude and quickly bent forward. Hello, Auntie Xu.

Young lady, youre too polite. Aunt Xu sized her up and immediately noticed her pair of phoenix eyes. It revealed an aura of nobility. Instantly, her heart thumped.

Since ancient times, that was always a statement of beauty for women.

She had been in the palace since she was young and was used to seeing nobles. Yu Youyaos eyes were long and phoenix-like. The ends of her eyes were slightly raised, and the corners of her eyes had a tinge of red. Her eyelashes were long, and she had inner eyelids. Her smiling eyes were filled with emotions, and her gaze seemed to convey them.

Such a pair of elegant and beautiful eyes. Auntie Xu was curious about the kind of great fortune they would bring in the future.

Old Madam Yu received the tea personally poured by her granddaughter, lowering her head to take a sip. The jasmine tea was fragrant and rejuvenatingjust perfect for this time of the day.

The tea personally served by her granddaughter just tasted better than any other tea.

Putting down her teacup, Old Madam Yu got to the point. Yao Yao, Auntie Xu will be your personal in-charge from now on. You have to learn the rules and ways from her.

I understand, Grandmother. Yu Youyao pouted slightly and nodded reluctantly. Since Auntie Xu was already hired here, it seemed that her grandmother was determined to make her learn the ropes and she had no chance of refusing.

Old Madam Yu patted her hand gently and turned to Auntie Xu. Yao Yao has been raised close by my side since she was young. Ive spoiled her. Ill have to trouble you to help discipline her from now on.

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