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Killing Two Birds with One Stone

Taking advantage of the great atmosphere in the room, Yu Qingnings mind started turning again. Big Sister, I heard that Grandmother has found a nanny from the palace to teach and guide you? I wonder if us sisters are lucky enough to benefit thanks to you, and learn from her too? The palace emphasizes on etiquette and manners. so learning from her can help us to gain a reputation of having had good training, which means that it will also bring praise and glory to the residence.

Yu Qingning thought that since her siblings were all present, even if Yu Youyao was unwilling, she probably wouldnt be able to refuse!

As the eldest daughter of the family, it was only right for her to help her sisters along.

If Yu Youyao did not agree, it would show that she was selfish and did not care about familial ties. If her father found out, she would most definitely be scolded.

The room became silent. Zhou Linghuai frowned slightly and gently closed his book.

Yu Lianyu and the other sisters also looked at Yu Youyao eagerly, waiting for her answer. The desire and anticipation in their eyes were clear as day.

If they, the daughters of concubines, could also be taught by a nanny from the palace, they could also build a better reputation and have a brighter future.

Yu Shuangbai shot a side glance at Yu Qingning, then reached for a piece of pie to eat.

Eldest Sis had lost her mother, while Grandmother was now old and also didnt have the energy to take care of her so meticulously, so a skilled nanny was hired to help guide and raise her well. Just why were the others trying to involve themselves in this?

She wondered what these people were making such a fuss for.

Yu Jianjia picked up the teacup beside her and lowered her head, drinking mouthful after mouthful. Her pale lips were slightly curled into a faint smile.

Yu Youyao was very taken aback. She was stunned for a long time before she reacted. Why dont you ask Grandmother? If she agrees, then of course Ill have no objections too.

This answer was different from what Yu Qingning had expected. Her expression turned a little sour. Eldest Sis, what are you saying? Isnt Nanny Xu someone from your house? As the mistress of your own house, cant you make the decision yourself? Or is it that youre unwilling, so youre deliberately using Grandmother as an excuse?

What she said made sense too. Everyone turned to look at Yu Youyao.

Yu Youyao looked down. Nanny Xu used to serve in the Empress Dowagers palace. Shes a respectable person and has even received the Empress Dowagers grace to leave the palace to retire. Grandmother spent a lot of effort to invite her into our residence.

She had intentionally placed an emphasis on the word invite.

With that said, everything was made clear to understand. The book that Zhou Linghuai had closed for a long while was gently opened again.

However, Yu Qingning was indignant. The more respectable Nanny Xu was, the more she wanted to learn from her. Eldest Sis, as the eldest daughter of the first wife in the residence, you are naturally more respected and notable in general, but still, you should help to look out for your younger siblings too.

Yu Youyaos expression darkened, and she decided to be direct. In this residence, Nanny Liu is no less than Nanny Xu. Why dont you find Nanny Liu to learn from instead?

How can that be the same? Yu Qingning was indignant and raised her voice.

Nanny Liu was Old Madam Yus most capable aide, and had an exceptional relationship with her grandmother. Even her father and mother had to respect her, so how could she simply approach her and ask for some lessons?

How is it different? Yu Youyao calmly asked in return.

Nanny Xu, she Yu Qingning suddenly seemed to have a realization, and her expression froze.

In the end, although it was supposed to be a joyous celebration, it ended on such a bad note.

When Yu Qingning returned home, she threw a big tantrum once again.CHCk for ew stries on no




When Concubine He received the news, she rushed over and asked Yu Qingnings personal maidservant about what had happened. Only then did she find out about what had happened at the little celebration dinner. Immediately, she understood that her daughter had been used, and she was furious.

Dont you think you were being foolish? Nanny Xu came from the palace. Even Old Madam respects her, and even Nanny Liu isnt as qualified as her. How could you be so imprudent? Nanny Xu is someone who has received special grace and left the palace respectably. Shes a meritorious servant. No one in the capital dares to belittle her, so where did you get such audacity?

Yu Qingnings eyes widened. I, I Shed merely felt that since Nanny Xu had left the palace, she had come to the Yu Residence as a servant too, so it was not that big a deal after all. She had thought that she just needed to be a little more respectful and give her a little more face than usual.

Concubine He looked utterly disappointed in her daughter. She spat hatefully, What are you stammering about? The main courtyard is jealous that Yu Youyao has such an impressive and capable nanny, so they deliberately instigated you to stir up some trouble.

Yu Qingning looked completely puzzled. What did this have to do with the people from the main courtyard?

Seeing her expression of confusion, Concubine He poked her forehead a few times. How did I give birth to a pigs brain like you? Nanny Xu was specially invited into the residence to care for Eldest Miss. If Eldest Miss agreed to let you join the classes, would Nanny Xu be happy with that? If they dont see eye to eye, will Nanny Xu still stay in the residence? Then, the people from the main courtyard would have successfully gotten rid of Nanny Xu and achieved their goal. On the other hand, you would have become enemies with Yu Youyao. If that happens, what can you still hope to gain from Old Madam?

What a plan to kill two birds with one stone!

But she was also to blame. Madam Yang had been criticized by Old Madam Yu recently, and even lost half her authority as the household in-charge, so she had been feeling so smug and complacent that she had neglected her own daughter.

She did not expect those people from the main courtyard to have come up with such an opportunity to exploit.

The more Concubine He thought about it, the more alarmed she became. You have to think about it. Your future marriage will have to go through Old Madam. If she doesnt like you, what hope do you have in this lifetime? As your mother, who else can I rely on in the future?

When Yu Qingning heard this, she turned around and threw herself into Concubine Hes arms. She cried aggrievedly, Mother, I-I didnt think it through. I was just

She was just jealous of Yu Youyao.

Concubine He comforted Yu Qingning, as she had at least managed to open her eyes and see the situation clearly. She immediately ordered someone to tie up Gui Zi, the maidservant who had just been promoted to second in-charge, and bring her over for an interrogation.

However, Gui Zi was tight lipped and did not let them get any information out of her.

Concubine Hes face turned red with anger. She instructed her maidservant to slap Gui Zi left and right until her face swelled. Then, she simply brought Gui Zi to the main courtyard and groused to Madam Yang while crying and making a scene.

She said that Yu Qingning was young and was still impressionable. Gui Zi had ulterior thoughts and had incited her young mistress. She stopped just short of saying that Gui Zi was an informant planted by the main courtyard.

Staring at Concubine Hes tear-stained face, Yang Shuwan was so angry that she felt pain in her heart. She immediately got someone to fetch Gui Zis papers and brought her out of the residence.

News of this matter quickly spread to Yu Youyaos house.

Chun Xiao frowned. Its already so late at night, so why are they still creating such a fuss unnecessarily?

Yu Youyao sat in front of the mirror and looked at her tender face in the mirror. Her lips curled up slightly. How do you know that its unnecessary?

Chun Xiao was immediately stumped.

Yu Youyao stroked the space between her eyebrows. Only she could see the blood jade lotus flower appear. Concubine He deliberately caused a commotion so that everyone in the residence would know that the reason Yu Qingning had provoked me today was because of Gui Zi. By punishing Guizi and teaching Yu Qingning a lesson, I wouldnt be able to hold this against Yu Qingning any further. So, this matter will end here.

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