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Heyoooooo My friends and readers 2 chapters ago we reached our 40th chapter Yayyyyyyyy and I just want to Thank all our Faithful readers and if you have just started reading I say Welcome to the Family!! As you all know I am Curtis and I am the narrator of this epic tale so I just want to lay out all of our Milestones from chapter 1

rChapter 1- Annie gets me Curtis Yayyyyy!!

rChapter 2-We meet Annie's parents yayyyy!!

rChapter 3-We meet Matt Sundew😏😏

rChapter 5- I introduce Myself😏😏

rChapter 6- I talk to Annie for the First time

rChapters 7-12 Encounter- Annie's powers are used for the first time, we see Maddie and Matt's friendship

rChapters 13-14 - I take a little break and the Final Encounter happens

rChapters 15-16- The rules and explanation of the Fast Pass

rChapter 17-18- Annie's First spell

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