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Black Onyx: Phoenix Resurrection Sanctuary

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It was a dawn of a new day, nearly a week after the inauguration into the Predator's Bane, when the badge on my chest began to vibrate and release weak pulses of Qi that woke me up from the deep meditation I was in.I slowly opened my eyes and stretched my limbs. The badge stopped and went still after about a minute of making a ruckus. I still had some time to prepare my stuff before meeting them at the designated spot, at the dividing line between the Inner and Core sect.Well, I had time, but that didn't mean I would laze around. I washed my face and took a sip of water to drink, straightened my clothes, and I was basically done. The traveling gear was already prepared days in advance, safely stored in the pouch at my hip.I then thought about it for a bit, and took the pouch and tied it on my left arm under the armpit on the straps of my leather armor I bought a day ago and wore it underneath the gray Disciple clothes. The sleeves were wide enough so I could easily reach inside, and it was hidden enough so nobody could figure out where I had it hidden.It wasn't that I didn't trust my companions, but you never know what might happen out in the wild with a dozen unfamiliar people. Better not to give them any ideas and avoid conflict. Not to mention that it could simply get snagged on a branch and I would lose it unknowingly. That was a possibility too.Better safe than sorry, though you couldn't always think of every scenario.I exited my home and went to get something to eat, before turning my sight higher up the mountain.A few members of the Predator's Bane were already there, waiting while having a drink. I was the first of the cart pullers, so, after Weh Chu showed me my cart, I took a seat on top of it and waited.The bottom of the cart came to my hips, with wooden side panels about 50 centimeters tall. It had two handles about a meter and a half long, making it quite comfortable to pull without having to worry about hitting the back of your foot on the cart even if you run. The wheels weren't all that big, about 60-70 centimeters in diameter, though they were wide. Most likely so they wouldn't sink too much in mud after being loaded.Right, the carts were mostly empty at the moment, only having a few small boxes with our provisions and a few large empty hemp bags. Or whatever plant they used to make rope in this world, I had no idea.I rested my eyes while trying to do my best to shrink my Aura with the help of the Turtle Breathing Technique. But instead of making it as tiny as possible, which would be relatively easy, I made it look like a Spirit Accumulation II Cultivator trying, and failing spectacularly, to pretend to be at Spirit Accumulation I.I did that by compressing my Aura to the lowest level and only occasionally releasing a slightly higher level, as if I was struggling with control.Doing that was in my opinion the best cover I could have as it would make people think I was just a greenhorn trying to act cool. If anyone had bad intentions toward me, I was fairly confident they would see through<

/em> my disguise and underestimate me because of it.It was the wanting peace and planning for war<

/em> kind of mentality.While I rested, the other members began showing up one after the other, as well as the cart pullers. By the time we were all gathered and ready to move, it couldn't have been much longer than two hours since the call. Not wanting to waste any more time, the Predator's Bane core members decided to depart.

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