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Mei audibly gulped.I gathered all the herbs the group had and added some of my own. Then, I selected a fistful of reagents from the pile and gave them a final look. It was not perfect, but they would have to do.I pulled some water from the air and heated it up to a boil. I cut up the herbs and tossed them inside, keeping everything steady with my Telekinesis.Mei watched it all with wide eyes. I ignored her and made a golden claw by draining yet another Spirit Shard. Then, I cut my forearm and extracted some blood.The recipe required Phoenix Blood, but I had powers of one, so that should be good enough, right? It was something I had to test anyway and the results were important. I added a bit more blood than necessary in case it wasn't potent enough.The liquid soon turned viscus crimson, burning off the remaining leaves and roots until it became a smooth red sauce. I stopped the magic and filled up three small vials with it and stored the rest. I went to Gang and poured the liquid into his mouth. His Soul was ready to leave his body at any moment, so he was first.

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