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It was time to see what the ring was supposed to do, so Orion focused his mind to feel the flow of magic in it.

rAfter finding flow, he lifted his right arm high in the air, and activated the new ability that formed in the ring, Corruption Search.

rThe ring began to glow a purple light. A small beam of purple light, almost imperceptible, moved toward the sky.

rEveryone thought for a second that it was either broken or that the most corrupted place was the sky, but then the beam fell toward their right, to their north-east.

rSince they were in the forest, there was no way to know which direction it really was.

rDrania began to point in the same direction as the beam, and with a buzzing sound and incredible speed, flew high in the sky.

rShe looked in the direction of her finger, and returned down after making sure of where she was pointing at.

rHer feet touched the ground.


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