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Students, no matter how much pain you endure, try your best to stand upright,

Its possible that the longer you endure, the better your chances of awakening your Destiny Guidebook!

The First Affiliated Primary School in Jingan City welcomed its annual grand day.

On the playground stood boys and girls about to graduate.

These young faces were filled with tension and anticipation.

The rules of the Dragon Rising Federation dictated that after every student had received basic education,

they could awaken their Destiny Guidebook before they entered middle school.

To awaken their Destiny Guidebook meant a transformation in life.

It meant becoming a Beast Master and embarking on a path entirely different from ordinary people.

The instructor responsible for helping these students open their Destiny Guidebook wore a serious expression.

Many parents waited outside the playground, turbulent with nerves.

These parents were far more nervous than their children.

Because they understood better than anyone that this occasion, which anyone could participate in at the age of twelve or thirteen, was, in reality, the most important test in their life.

Among these parents were two teenagers aged fifteen or sixteen.

The boy and girl were both wearing the uniform of Jinghai High School for Beast Masters.

Many parents looked at these two with envious eyes.

Jinghai High School for Beast Masters was not only a key Beastmaster High School in Jingan City but also a Provincial Key High School of the entire Jinghai Province.

Those who were admitted to Jinghai High School for Beast Masters were essentially Beast Masters,

the cream of the crop.

However, this did not include Fang Mu.

Although Fang Mu was a student at Jinghai High School for Beast Masters, he was not a Beast Master.

Fang Mu, like these students, stood on the playground of the First Affiliated Primary School in Jingan City at the age of twelve,

hoping to awaken his Destiny Guidebook.

As a transmigrator, Fang Mu thought that when he awakened his Destiny Guidebook, he would receive some golden finger.

Who would have thought, the heavens played a joke on him.

Fang Mu did not awaken his Destiny Guidebook.

If one couldnt awaken their Destiny Guidebook, he was destined not to become a Beast Master.

The young girl beside Fang Mu had a ponytail,

and held two books related to Beast Masters in her hand.

The footnotes in these two books were noticeably thicker,UppTodatd frm n






indicating that this girl had made many notes in these two books.

Hu Tao looked sideways at Fang Mu, who was steadily focusing on the group of students about to try to awaken their Destiny Guidebooks.

The hand holding the two Beast Master books tightened unconsciously.

Hu Tao and Fang Mu were classmates at Jinghai Affiliated Middle School for Beast Masters, and they both later entered Jinghai High School for Beast Masters together.

Fang Mu did not have the talent of a Beast Master, but he was still able to attend Jinghai Affiliated Middle School for Beast Masters.

It was said that this was because Fang Mus elder brother and sister were honored alumni of Jinghai High School for Beast Masters.

As a privileged student without Beast Master talents, Fang Mu was excluded by many of his classmates at first.

But gradually, including Hu Tao, many classmates found that Fang Mu was always the first to arrive and the last to leave in their class.

Some of the excellent qualities of his character couldnt be overshadowed by his lack of talent.

On the day of graduation from Jinghai Affiliated Middle School for Beast Masters, Fang Mu got the highest score in all written exams in the class.

Because Fang Mu did not have a contract beast, he received zero points in the practical examination.

Even so, Fang Mu still ranked in the top ten of his grade.

After entering Jinghai High School for Beast Masters, Fang Mu chose the beast nurturing major.

He clearly followed the path of a Creator.

The ability of a Creator is to cultivate Guardian Beasts, assisting Guardian Beasts in purifying their bloodline and evolution.

Among all Guardian Beast-related professions, the Creator is the most noble!

Even if Fang Mu was not a Beast Master and could not become a true Creator,

his talent was enough to make him a Creators assistant after graduation.

This future was much brighter than that of an ordinary Beast Master.

In this world, only thirty percent of a hundred people can become Beast Masters.

But among these thirty percent, in every ten people, only one person can contract a Guardian Beast with combat capability.

In Fang Mus previous life, it was a common thing for six people in an ordinary family, including parents, grandparents, and maternal grandparents, to pool their money together to buy a house for the child.

The sentiment of families towards their younger generations remains the same in the world Fang Mu has transmigrated into.

However, what they pool money to buy are no longer houses, but Guardian Beasts with combat capabilities instead.

A Beast Master contracting a Guardian Beast with combat abilities is just the beginning.

Cultivating Beasts costs more than purchasing them.

This situation and phenomenon render most Beast Masters extremely poor.

It also elevates the status of Creators.

From where Fang Mu could see,

on the school field that originally held 8,000 people, only about 3,000 people were left standing.

Above the heads of these people, an illusory Illustrated Handbook formed by spiritual power appeared.

Looking at these half-grown children, Fang Mu was somewhat envious.

Fang Mu has already turned sixteen this year.

Since failing to awaken his Destiny Guidebook at the age of twelve, Fang Mu has come to this field on this day every year.

This is the fourth year.

Just then, Hu Tao lightly nudged Fang Mus arm with her elbow and said,

Fang Mu, we have Spirit Material Analysis Class later.

We should go back to class!

If we are late for Teacher Cuis class, we would definitely be punished to write a Spirit Material Analysis test paper!

You are not afraid of this kind of paper, but it would take me at least three hours to write it even if Im flipping through books!

During the conversation, Hu Tao, who was a young girl, felt a sense of heartache looking at Fang Mu for some reason.

Fang Mu must be yearning to awaken his Destiny Guidebook and become a Beast Master.

In this world, everyone has three chances to awaken their Destiny Guidebook.

If the first awakening fails, in the next two years, they could try to awaken it once each year.

But after all three chances have been tried and still not successful, it would never be possible anymore to awaken your Destiny Guidebook.

This is common knowledge.

In the entire Dragon Rising Federation, there has never been a precedent of successfully awakening the Destiny Guidebook after a third attempt at the age of fourteen.

Because once spiritual power is stimulated three times,

it loses responsiveness to the stimulation that induces the awakening of the Destiny Guidebook.

Helping those students to awaken their Destiny Guidebook, the instructors will emit low-frequency spiritual fluctuations that cannot gather completely.

This is also aimed at parents who are waiting outside the playground.

But these parents dont have the same unbearable reactions as these students.

Hearing what Hu Tao said, Fang Mu was just about to go back to the class with her.

Teacher Cui, who taught Spirit Material Analysis, had conducted academic research with Fang Mu after discovering his talent.

Fang Mus research on spirit materials in this life has already appeared in some academic journals.

It is a rare honor for a high school student.

But Fang Mu takes it lightly, even somewhat taking it for granted.

Thats because, in his previous life, Fang Mu was a biologist.

At the age of twenty-something, he had already served as a main speaker, giving several biology lectures at renowned institutions.

Therefore, he has experienced such honor countless times already.

The instructor will next emit even lower frequency spiritual fluctuations.

To help these more than 3,000 students who have just awakened their Destiny Guidebook to stabilize it.

Fang Mu had just walked two steps back with Hu Tao when suddenly,

he felt a jolt in his body and a stabbing pain in his skull.

He didnt know how long this stabbing sensation lasted.

The moment this sensation of pain disappeared, everything went black in front of Fang Mus eyes.

It seemed like a dry well appeared in his consciousness.

At the same time, he faintly heard Hu Taos anxious cry in his ears.

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