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The entire Beastmaster world is fraught with danger.

Yet, inside the Dragon Rising Federation, the order is extremely good, with very few violent events happening.

This is partly because the Dragon Rising Federation is strong enough to maintain internal stability while repelling external threats.

On the other hand, it is also related to the thorough internal security system of the Dragon Rising Federation.

Every citizen of the Dragon Rising Federation has an identity card.

To enter the Dinghai Mall, you need to swipe your ID card at the entrance.

The identity card of the Dragon Rising Federation records the glory of a citizen, as well as their criminal record.

So, before anyone has malicious thoughts, they need to be fully prepared psychologically.

However, under the shine of Extreme Yang, Extreme Darkness is bound to hide.

Every coin has two sides.

Fang Mu, who has lived two lives, knows this very well.

Once outside the city, you are in the wilderness.

In a world where martial might is revered, the harshness of the law of the jungle will be fully revealed.

After swiping his Dragon Rising Federation citizen ID card, Fang Mu directly entered the interior of Dinghai Mall.

Dinghai Mall has a full eight floors, with the first three floors open to everyone.

If you want to go up to the fourth floor, you need to prove your identity as a Beast Master.

And you need to have a ranking of Three Point Star or above.

The resources sold on floors above the third floor either involve Silver Stage Guardian Beasts or Creator resources.

Every displayed item costs at least one hundred thousand Dragon Rising Coins.

It is something that Fang Mu currently cant afford.

Fang Mu wants to buy blood-replenishing spiritual materials and Needle Mosquito supplies, and he can purchase them on the first floor.

Even if Fang Mu wanted to find bargains, he didnt plan to visit the second and third floors.

Fang Mu has visited Dinghai Mall several times with his Third Sister Fang Yan.

Bronze Stage Guardian Beasts are uniformly displayed for sale on the first floor.

The Guardian Beasts sold on the second and third floors are all on the Silver Stage.

Fang Mu uses the Blood Aged Wine to induce life evolution.

The higher the life level, the stronger the life form, and the more Blood Aged Wine it requires.

Compared to using Blood Aged Wine to cultivate Guardian Beasts that have already reached the Silver Stage, its more cost-efficient to cultivate Bronze Stage Beasts.

Firstly, it can save as much Blood Aged Wine as possible.

Secondly, no matter how noble the bloodline of a Beast is, they all start from Bronze Stage and step by step advance upward.

Its just that Guardian Beasts with noble bloodlines are stronger at the Bronze Stage and have higher potential.

They can more easily advance to higher ranks.

Training Beasts from the Bronze Stage and investing ample resources into them will make them stronger than other Beasts of the same type and rank after promotion.

Therefore, any Beast Master that has the capability likes to contract Bronze Stage Beasts.

Besides being able to better train from the beginning, it also saves some spiritual power.

The service at Dinghai Mall is very user-oriented.

If you just want to stroll around without a specific goal, you can tour on your own.

But if you have a clear objective and want to save time, you can spend five hundred Federal Coins that is, five Dragon Rising Coins to hire a guide.

This guide will accompany you until you leave Dinghai Mall, helping you find supplies based on your requirements.

Fang Mu didnt save these five hundred Federal Coins.

Dinghai Mall, even if you just tour the first floor, is far too vast.

If you want to walk the entire first floor, it will take at least a dozen hours.

So, if you want to find bargains efficiently, hiring a guide is the best choice.

Fang Mu went to the front desk and handed over his bank card.

He said to the clerk at the front desk.

I want to hire a guide.

The clerk had seen early on that Fang Mu was wearing the uniform of the Jinghai High School for Beast Masters.

The people living in JA City take pride in Jinghai High School for Beast Masters.

In the two-month vacation between the College Entrance Examination and the start of college, the Dragon Rising Federation will hold a grand National Beastmaster League of High School Graduates.

All high school graduates from every year can participate.

As it is a league for high school graduates, it cant possibly involve full-scale battles.

In the clashes between Beast Masters, there will inevitably be bloodshed.

Such competitions to measure ones strength involve lots of relentless fights.

Therefore, pitting everyone against each other without taking objective conditions into consideration is tantamount to ruffian behavior.

So, the National Beastmaster League of High School Graduates doesnt take place in a physical venue like the club professional leagues, but considerately arranges the competition on the Battle Network.

The Battle Network is the perfect integration of Beasts and technology.

It is somewhat similar to the internet cafes of Fang Mus previous life.

Once citizens of the Dragon Rising Federation verify their Beast Master identities with their ID cards,

They can register their identities at Battle Networks set up everywhere, and selectively upload their Guardian Beasts information into the Battle Network.

Then, through the abilities of Dream Beasts which are both spiritual and mechanical dual-system Guardian Beasts, they replicate the Beast Masters Battle Network information into a dream.

They let Beast Masters duel in dreams.

Dream Beasts can also use spiritual power to virtually project the scenes in the dreams for live broadcasts.

The Battle Network officially launched fifteen years ago.

Upon launch, it immediately became the favorite recreational activity of Beast Masters.

The Battle Network can enhance Beast Masters combat capabilities without causing harm.

On the other hand, the Battle Network has an extremely detailed ranking system.

On the Battle Network, you can participate in continuous ranking matches to define your strength level.

If you reach a high enough rank in the ranking matches, you will have the chance to win over various clubs, and find a good prospect for yourself.Findd ew updts on n




Moreover, according to incomplete official statistics, the higher your rank in Battle Network ranking matches, the easier it is to find a partner.

The National Beastmaster League of High School Graduates, apart from being an individual competition, is also a competition between various schools and provinces of the Dragon Rising Federation.

As the key high school of Jinghai Province, Jinghai High School for Beast Masters has given the province much honor in the National Beastmaster League of High School Graduates.

The worker at the first floor front desk of Dinghai Mall enthusiastically arranged the guide booking service for Fang Mu.

The guides booked for five hundred Federal Coins cant be chosen and are randomly assigned by Dinghai Mall.

The process usually takes about ten minutes of waiting time.

Fang Mu is already a Beast Master, and he will frequently visit Dinghai Mall in the future.

However, Fang Mu doesnt think he needs to spend fifty Dragon Rising Coins each month to select an exclusive guide at Dinghai Mall.

Fang Mu, holding his number plate that has paid five hundred Federal Coins, went to the waiting area.

The people in the waiting area are not too many.

Fang Mu chose a chair and sat down.

On the wall of the waiting area, there was a huge LCD screen.

The LCD screen was displaying news in rotation.

Fang Mu originally wanted to take out his mobile phone to read some information he had saved in advance.

However, before Fang Mu could unlock his phones face recognition, he heard an outrageous news.

The Venomous Gigantic Lizard has been by four men in the Gobi Wilderness.

Upon hearing this news, Fang Mu abruptly lifted his head.

What was that?

The news was about the Venomous Gigantic Lizard!?

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