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Fang Mu waited for about seven minutes.

The female shopping guide came over to Fang Mu, carrying a black tray in her hand.

On the tray were four exquisite brocade boxes, and a glass container about half a meter tall.

The side of this glass container had several holes the size of green beans.

This allowed the needle mosquitoes contained within to breathe easily.

Each needle mosquito was about the size of a broad bean.

Once filled with fresh blood, their blood pouch would swell up.

It was as though a broad bean was lugging around a semi-transparent blood-colored egg.

This group of broad bean-sized needle mosquitoes occasionally stuck their mouthparts out of the respiratory holes in the glass container.

The most basic hygiene practice for blood needle mosquitoes was to refrain from feeding them.

Without food, a needle mosquito could only survive for two months.

All the needle mosquitoes sold by the Jinghai Army were newly matured from pupae.

Fang Mu had never collected heartblood before and wasnt certain about the specific recovery time after extraction.

But the frequency of collecting heartblood definitely wouldnt surpass that of ordinary blood extraction.

So ten needle mosquitoes would surely be enough for Fang Mus two-month usage.

After the female shopping guide skillfully opened the four brocade boxes in front of Fang Mu, he nodded at her after examining the interior of the boxes.

You can just give me these, he said as he handed over his bank card.

There were varying qualities amongst spiritually imbued materials of the same grade.

The quality of the prime goods and the tail goods were nowhere close.

Merchants are profit-driven, and usually, private small shops would select the prime goods from the same batch of spiritual materials.

They would either sell these prime goods at a high price or use them to keep regular customers satisfied.

Only institutions officially established like Dinghai Mall would select tail goods out.

They would then sell a mix of prime goods and mid-grade goods.

The shopping guide had been expecting to pack the items for Fang Mu after he made his selection.

However, she saw Fang Mu pull out a reflective mirror turtle pendant from his collar.

The pendant was primarily silver in color, emanating a faint mysterious blue glow.ViiSiit nvelb


/()m for ltest vels

The moment Fang Mu activated the lower-level copper spiritual instrument, Mirror Turtle Pendant, with his mental power,

The four brocade boxes and the glass vessel with needle mosquitoes, all on the tray the shopping guide just brought, were put into the internal space of the Mirror Turtle Pendant all at once.

An expression of surprise appeared on the shopping guides face.

Among the people who shopped at Dinghai Mall, the number of Beast Masters with spatial spiritual instruments wasnt small.

But not many high school students were equipped with spatial spiritual instruments.

Fang Mu didnt know that he was identified by the shopping guide as a wealthy young master.

If he knew about this, Fang Mu would certainly be both amused and puzzled.

His parents left behind a house and four lower-level graded spatial spiritual instruments when they passed away.

These were divided equally among Fang Qin, Fang Yuan, Yan Wood, and Fang Mu.

Because these were mementos from their parents, even in their darkest days,

The siblings had chosen not to sell the house or the four lower-level graded spatial spiritual instruments.

Fang Mus current living condition,

It was the result of his two sisters and brother bearing all the hardships through their perseverance in silence.

Fang Mu too, had never given up on striving.

Wanting to assist a Creator in the real world, with the status of an ordinary person,

Was a much tougher climb compared to a Beast Master metamorphosing into a Creator.

Despite this, Fang Mu was almost successful in doing so.

Fang Mu firmly believed that hard work would always yield rewards.

All the more for a hard-working genius.

The reality proved that Fang Mus thoughts were correct.

After the sales guide had swiped Fang Mus bank card with the POS machine, Fang Mus phone immediately received a text message.

Fang Mus small savings of more than seventy thousand Dragon Soaring Coins suddenly shrunk by four thousand seven hundred and sixty-five.

The large portion was consumed by two types of silver stage materials, which escalated the overall price.

The spiritual materials Fang Mu bought this time for brewing tea would last him for approximately one month only.

Fang Mu had always heard Yan Wood say that money is spent relentlessly.

Becoming a Beast Master was like becoming a bottomless pit that drained money.

Now, Fang Mu finally experienced why Yan Wood would say such a thing.

Fang Mu had just bought the spiritual materials for his daily consumption, and didnt purchase any materials yet for cultivating Guardian Beasts or Beast nurturing.

Even more, he hasnt gone to the more costly Contemplation Hall, which assisted Beast Masters in comprehending mystical patterns.

Fang Mu knew that making money had inevitably become a compulsory path for him.

However, making money would inevitably consume the Blood Aged Wine produced by the Blood of Abundance.

This would affect the speed at which Fang Mu could accumulate the Covenant Blood Essence.

After weighing it all, Fang Mu planned to use the first batch of Blood of Abundance to nourish the Red Jade Mountain Tea.

The Blood Aged Wine has the ability to guide life evolution.

After the evolution of the barely living Red Jade Mountain Tea, even if Fang Mu did not have spare money to feed its life energy,

The state of the Red Jade Mountain Tea would definitely be much better than it is now, and the blood supplementing effect of the leaves would also become stronger.

A worker must first sharpen their tools if they want to do their work well.

After inducing evolution in the Red Jade Mountain Tea with Blood Aged Wine, it will significantly help Fang Mu accumulate more Blood Aged Wine in the future.

Fang Mu planned to spend his savings first to gather the Covenant Blood Essence.

Then he would think about making money with Blood Aged Wine.

The method of increasing the strength of a Destiny Guardian Beast is very different from that of increasing a Beast Masters strength through spiritual power contracts.

Normally, the strength of a Destiny Guardian Beast closely correlates with the level of the Beast Master.

Therefore, Beast Masters often do not need to invest a lot of resources in their Destiny Guardian Beasts.

If Fang Mu does not contract a Guardian Beast, no matter how much money he earns, he will have nowhere to spend it.

Fang Mu followed the female guide all the way to the Beast Tamer Display Area on the first floor.

The female guide, who was leading the way, spoke to Fang Mu with a somewhat apologetic expression.

A large batch of goods just arrived this morning.

Almost half of the copper level beasts here were just put on display.

Even though they had been cleaned, many of the Guardian Beasts collected by adventurers still carry an unpleasant smell.

Fang Mu shook his head unconcernedly.

When Fang Mu was attending the Beast Observation course, it was common for him to determine the state of a Guardian Beast through its excrement.

As a biologist in his previous life, Fang Mu has experienced not bathing for three months during a field study due to unallowable conditions.

So, Fang Mu was not finicky as other young people were.

At this point, Fang Mu had thoroughly scanned every copper-level Guardian Beast in the display area with the Eye of Omniscience.

As he continued following the female guide, Fang Mu, who had scanned at least five or six hundred copper level beasts,

discovered that finding unexpected bargains in Dinghai Mall was much more difficult than he had imagined.

Seeing that Fang Mu did not stop to look at any of the Guardian Beasts or consult her about any, the female guide guessed to herself,

The young man in front of her probably looked down on these common-level Guardian Beasts.

As a result, the female guide took the initiative to suggest,

Sir, would you like to take a look at our Boutique Area?

In addition to the Boutique Area, a Treasure Appraisal Area is designated in the western exhibition area for a few days following each new arrival.

Now is precisely the time when the Treasure Appraisal Area has the most good items.

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