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Fang Mu has recently been researching the subject of Elemental Beasts.

Among all types of Guardian Beasts, Elemental Beasts have the greatest potential and the most diverse evolution directions.

However, Elemental Beasts happen to be the ones that Beast Masters least want to contract with.

As a result, the already scarce Elemental Beasts dont seem to be particularly prized.

The main reason for this situation is related to the scarcity of Creator resources.

The growth of Elemental Beasts needs constant consumption of elemental energy.

Their growth state depends on the purity of the absorbed elements.

Impure elemental energy can be obtained in nature.

However, using impure elemental energy to cultivate Elemental Beasts will make their combat capabilities far below that of other Guardian Beasts of the same rank.

Only by using elemental energy with a purity of over sixty percent to cultivate Elemental Beasts can these beasts reach the average level of Guardian Beasts of the same rank.

And elemental energy with a purity of over fifty percent falls within the range of a Junior Creators abilities.

This cannot be obtained naturally.

This means the cost of cultivating an Elemental Beast is enough to cultivate several other types of Guardian Beasts.

So Elemental Beasts have never been the choice of ordinary Beast Masters.

Only those direct descendants of large forces, rely on the creators resources to contract and train Elemental Beasts.

A powerful Elemental Beast is roughly symbolic of a particular status.

The more Fang Mu researches, the more hes interested in Elemental Beasts.

Fang Mu has made up his mind.

His first Guardian Beast must be an Elemental Beast.

Making this decision, on one hand, is because Fang Mu is very sure he has the ability to become a Creator.

After becoming a Creator, Fang Mu can fully afford the cost of cultivating Elemental Beasts.

On the other hand, its because of the effect of the Royal beast blood abundances skill of Blood Aged Wine, which is equivalent to the ability of a Master Creator and a Grandmaster Creator.

As long as Fang Mu can condense several Covenant Blood Essences, he can pretend to be a different person on the Beastmaster Web by relying on the Blood Aged Wine.

He can then earn money from this fake identity to exchange for resources.

And to build his own network of personal connections under the fake identity.

In the Beastmaster world, strength is always the first priority.

And network and resources are the second priority, following closely behind strength.

Because many Guardian Beasts and materials are so scarce that they can only be found through extensive connections.

Upon hearing that Fang Mu was going to the Elemental Beast Zone, the female guide gave Fang Mu a surprised look.

In the Treasure Appraisal Areas Elemental Beast Zone, sales are the slowest.

Even if there arent many goods coming in each time, it still results in a certain amount of goods being piled up.

Among them, there are a few particularly unique existences, and they are not pricey either.

But if you cant supply them with pure elemental energy for a long time, an Elemental Beast is useless.

Unless you come from a family has a lot of resources from Senior Creators.

Otherwise, even if you have resources from Junior and Intermediate Crafting Masters, you wouldnt be able to bear the cost of an Elemental Beast.

Otherwise, with the scarcity and allure of Elemental Beasts, why would no one want to contract with them?

When Fang Mu arrived in the Elemental Beast Zone, he quickly selected the most special existence among several quality Elemental Beasts after investigating with the Eye of Omniscience.

[Beast Name]: Pure Water

[Beast Species]: Elemental Department

/Water Elemental Division

[Beast Level]: Bronze (1


[Beast Element]: Water System

[Beast Potential]: Silver

[Beast Quality]: Standard Quality


[Aqua Reception]: Using ones own water elemental energy as a carrier to contain another type of elemental energy, allowing this energy to closely combine with oneself.

Evolutionary Path:

Depending on the type of elemental energy incorporated by Aqua Reception, the direction of evolution will change differently (After receiving a certain elemental energy, many evolution directions will be shown).

All Elemental Beasts start off as a cluster of elemental energy with weak consciousness.

Among each type of Elemental Beasts, approximately one in a hundred possesses a pure body.

Pure-Body Elemental Beasts have the ability to combine with other elements.

Pure Water is a Pure-Body Water Elemental Beast.

Fang Mu believes it is the most suitable type of Pure-Body Elemental Beast for fusion with other elements after his research.

Fang Mu never imagined that he would encounter such a thing in the treasure appraisal area of Dinghai Mall.

What a windfall!

The thesis topic that Fang Mu most wanted to study can finally be practiced in an actual way.

Pure-Body Elemental Beasts are harder to cultivate than ordinary Elemental Beasts, so they are less marketable.

The selling price is only 18,000 Dragon Rising Coins.

Fang Mu quickly said to the saleswoman,

Please help me check out this Pure Water and the Flower Eating Rabbit I picked earlier!

The saleswoman has a five-year-old child at home.

She wondered, if her child grows up to be a spendthrift like the young man in front of her, she would definitely worry day and night.

Pure Water is placed in the appraisal area, not because the junior appraisers couldnt recognize its exceptional quality.

Its just that Pure Water is too niche.

The pricing for beasts in the ordinary beast area is all above 20,000 Dragon Rising Coins.

Because Pure Water could not meet the pricing standards, it was considered a second-grade item and was sent to the appraisal area for sale.

Despite her silent complaints, the saleswoman still efficiently helped Fang Mu pack the Pure Water and the Flower Eating Rabbit.

While paying by card, the Aromatherapy Rabbit and Pure Water were put into Fang Mus Mirror Turtle Pendant.

Looking at the remaining balance message on the phone, Fang Mu found out he only had 28,675 Dragon Rising Coins left after one trip to Dinghai Mall.

For the first time, Fang Mu realized that money could be spent so easily.VIssiT n0(v)eL

/b(i)(n). for the best novel reading experience

After leaving the Dinghai Mall, Fang Mu called his driver.

Fang Mu is a person with a strong sense of time.

His shopping spree at Dinghai Mall only took fifty-five minutes.

The driver pulled up to the entrance of Dinghai Mall.

After getting in the car, Fang Mu asked to be taken directly to the library at school.

After half an hour of reading, Hu Tao should be done with her practical class.

Fang Mu really wanted to begin treatment on the Aromatherapy Rabbit right away.

However, the Aromatherapy Rabbit is currently in a state of stress response.

Moving from the treasure appraisal area of the Dinghai Mall to his home, switching environments,

It may further stimulate the frightened Aromatherapy Rabbit.

In the bronze-grade space series treasure instrument, the Mirror Turtle Pendant, only the Aromatherapy Rabbit and ten Needle Mosquitoes need to breathe.

Even if the air in the low-level spatial spiritual instrument is replaced slowly, it will be sufficient for the Aromatherapy Rabbit and the ten Needle Mosquitoes.

Letting the Aromatherapy Rabbit calm down for some time in the Mirror Turtle Pendant will help recover from stress reaction.

This will also facilitate Fang Mus subsequent treatment of the Aromatherapy Rabbit and help build a good relationship.

Fang Mu was extremely short on Covenant Blood Essence initially, so he couldnt form a pact with the Aromatherapy Rabbit right away.

Just like Fang Mu and the Gear Broom have a profound bond.

As long as you treat the Guardian Beasts sincerely, a deep bond can be formed even without a covenant.

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