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If asked who among the three batches of students at Jinghai High School for Beast Masters the librarian knows the best

The answer would undoubtedly be Fang Mu.

The librarian is a kind old woman with a warm look in her eyes.

With white hair and a slender figure, she stands straight as a rod.

Age spots lightly speckle her cheekbones and the apples of her cheeks.

They lend her an elegance that only comes with age.

What the old woman enjoys doing most every day is stroking a large, fat black cat in her arms.

The big fat cat isnt afraid of people at all.

But whenever anyone tries to touch it, it sharpens its claws in warning.

Its intentions are clear:

If you dare to touch me, Ill scratch you!

The reason why the old woman is so familiar with Fang Mu is not because of any particular achievement Fang Mu has made in school.

Rather, its because Fang Mu visits the library more than any other student.

Seeing Fang Mu, the old woman put the black cat from her embrace down on the table beside her and smiled.

Fang Mu, youve come to read again?

Fang Mu handed over his student card, saying,

Auntie Silver, I want to study with a friend later to catch up on the lessons Ive missed.

Can you arrange a study room for me?

Upon hearing this, the old woman picked up a register that was set aside and looked at it before asking,

The classmate you said you would study with, is it Little Walnut?

She has already reserved a study room.

If you two are together, you can just go directly to the A317 study room to find her.

Fang Mu raised his eyebrows at this, finding it strange.

Walnut was an enthusiast for practical combat classes.

Her Beast Master chose a close combat path, with brute force as its focus.

The best way for this type of Guardian Beast to enhance its combat ability is to face direct combat tests.

Fang Mu checked the time on his cell phone. It was now twenty past five.

He wasnt late. On the contrary, he was forty minutes early.

Fang Mu had thought that he would have to read for at least half an hour before Walnut arrived.

Receiving his student card back from the librarian, Auntie Silver, he prepared to go to the A317 study room.

He saw the black cat eyeing a snack jar of dried fish on the table, and with its deft little paws, it unscrewed the tightly closed jar lid.Findd ew updts on n




Before the big black cat could open the jar, a pair of slender hands covered with age spots stopped it, picking up the black cat in its arms and continuing to stroke it.

Out of curiosity, Fang Mu used the Eye of Omniscience instinctively to probe the black cat.

[Beast Name]: Sleepy Night Black Cloud

[Beast Species]: ???

[Beast Level]: ???

[Beast Element]: ???

[Beast Potential]: ???

[Beast Quality]: ???

Skill: ???

Exclusive Traits: ???

Evolutionary Path: ???

After probing, Fang Mu paused his oinitial steps forward.

Then, as usual, he began to walk towards the study room Walnut had prepared.

His Guardian Beast, Fools Shadows, innate divine ability Eye of Omniscience, could not detect any living being more than five ranks higher than itself.

Fools Shadow is currently at the Bronze Stage. Beyond Bronze, theres Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond.

After Diamond Stage is another level of life.

Fang Mu had once heard his eldest sister, Fang Qin, mention it.

The legion commander of Jing Hai Army possessed a sequential beast.

The sequential beast is a term referring to all kinds of guardian beasts whose strengths broke through the diamond rank, and their life level underwent a metamorphosis.

The sequential beast could open up a chapter of its own.

Then with the ninth sequence as the threshold, continue to progress forward.

The Fools Shadow being unable to investigate this black cat named Sleepy Night Black Cloud, indicates that this black cat must indeed be a sequential type existence.

This was the first time Fang Mu had seen a sequential beast personally.

No, it should not be said as the first time!

The previous Fang Mu could see Sleepy Night Black Cloud every time he came to the library.

He just didnt realize that a sequential beast was right beside him.

Fang Mu previously thought Silver Shade was just an ordinary man.

Through the rank of Sleepy Night Black Cloud, Fang Mu could speculate that Silver Shade was at least a Five Point Star expert.

No wonder the school strongly emphasized during the previous safety exercise, that when an emergency such as a dimensional rift occurs or a beast attacks, everyone should seek shelter in the library, the martial arts arena, or the main hall.

Thinking about it, there must be other experts with strength similar to Silver Shade in the Martial Arts Arena and the main hall.

When Fang Mu left, he deliberately turned his gaze towards the direction of Silver Shade and Sleepy Night Cloud.

Fang Mu found that his Eye of Omniscience investigation of Sleepy Night Black Cloud did not cause any abnormalities from Silver Shade and Sleepy Night Black Cloud.

This suggests they hadnt noticed anything.

This further emboldened Fang Mu to use the Eye of Omniscience in the future to investigate higher-order beasts without any hesitation.

Reaching the doorway of classroom A317, Fang Mu discovered the classroom had been left unlocked.

Fang Mu walked straight in and saw Hu Tao using her right hand to write on a paper.

She was having difficulty with a problem and subconsciously tried to scratch her head with her left hand.

The result was that she moved her bandaged left arm, causing her to gasp for breath and her eyes reddened with pain.

Fang Mu hurriedly approached her and asked, Did you get injured in the practical class in the martial arts arena this afternoon?

Teacher Wei should still be in the school infirmary.

Seeing Fang Mu, Hu Tao quickly put down her pen and whined, I was a bit too rash today in the combat class and let the Iron-winged Sparrow charge too far forward.

This resulted in me getting slapped on the arm by the bypassing Iron Guts Berserk Bear.

Teacher Wei has already treated me.

But its easy to heal the outward injury; the musculoskeletal injury needs some time to heal.

While speaking, Hu Taos expression was somewhat regretful.

She was injured, and for the following month she would probably only be able to watch when it comes to practical combat classes.

Upon hearing this, Fang Mu took out a Blood Nourishing Honey Date he had just bought from the Mirror Turtle Pendant in Dinghai Mall.

Now Fang Mu understood why Hu Taos pale face seemed so familiar.

Her face color was exactly the same as his after blood sampling.

The claws of the Iron Guts Berserk Bear were two to three centimeters long.

This claw length wasnt much to the beasts, but it could cause significant damage to the fragile beast masters.

The blade-like claws can cause severe lacerations to flesh and bones.

Even if Hu Tao was immediately taken to the school infirmary, she would have lost at least a liter of blood.

A silver-grade Blood Nourishing Honey Date should be able to improve Hu Taos condition.

After eating one, Hu Tao could replenish the loss of Qi and Blood quickly.

There would be no need for a week of recuperation.

Hu Tao was a great friend that Fang Mu had made in high school and helped Fang Mu a lot.

Naturally, Fang Mu would not be stingy towards Hu Tao.

As the common saying goes, A bone injury can take up to a hundred days to heal, but this phrase only applies to the previous life.

In this life, healing can occur through a healing type beast, as long as no limbs are broken.

If Teacher Weis Twinkling Bell Orchid wasnt a silver-stage beast but a gold-stage one, then Hu Tao wouldnt have to wait for forty to fifty days to recover.

She would have recovered within just seven or eight days.

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