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By the time Hu Tao and I returned home after dinner, it was already past nine.

Luckily, my Third sister Fang Yan had gone to be an exchange student and no longer lived at home at night.

Otherwise, if I came home this late, Id surely get another earful from my third sister.

I had always been a night owl from my previous life.

Those who carry out academic research often tend to stretch an hour into two.

My habit of staying up late was brought into this life as well.

On normal days, after going back to my room, I would spend at least until one oclock reading various books related to Guardian Beasts.

All of this I did behind my elder brothers and sisters backs.

Because the ones who truly love you your own family are always the first ones to worry about your health.

If I had the talents of a Beast Master, I could refine myself with spiritual power, then staying up late wouldnt matter.

Ordinary people need eight hours of sleep to meet daily sleep requirements.

But Beast Masters only need five.

The higher the level of the Beast Master, the less sleep they need.

Legend has it that upon becoming a Five-pointed star Beastmaster with a Sequential Type Beast, just one hour of deep sleep in two days is enough to meet ones own needs.

Thats why its tough to capture and contain the wicked organizations forces outdoors, even when the official shelter organization Court sends out many more forces than the evil organizations have.

Because in a battle in the wild, high-star Beast Masters almost never exhaust their strength and energy in a chase.

The moment I opened my front door, I was greeted by Xixis warm welcome.

As soon as Xixi heard my key in the lock, it had already moved to the front door.

Then it used its gear collision sound, to simulate the words it hears at my arrival at home every time.VIssiT n0(v)eL

/b(i)(n). for the best novel reading experience

Fang Mu, Welcome home!

I habitually stretched out my hand to stroke Xixis handle.

And then held Xixi and returned to my room.

Once I changed into my nightclothes, I first adjusted the diets of Bai Hao and Bai Yas Guardian Beasts.

Then I sent the modified diets to Bai Hao and Bai Ya through the mail.

I always prioritized fulfilling the promises I made to others before I did my own tasks.

The main reason I was able to attend Jinghai High School for Beast Masters, was that both my elder sisters and my elder brother were all honored alumni of Jinghai High School for Beast Masters.

Even if I was just an ordinary person, Fang Qin, Fang Yuan and Fang Yan still wished to give me the best possible life.

Usual nights when I lived with Fang Yan, Fang Qin and Fang Yuan would call me and Fang Yan every night.

The development of my life at Jinghai High School for Beast Masters completely exceeded the expectations of Fang Qin, Fang Yuan, and Fang Yan.

None of them expected their little brother, who has been calm and independent since childhood, to have such outstanding qualities.

An ordinary person, despite having a physical Constitution inferior to Beast Masters, could compete equally with Beast Masters.

Not only did I rank first in my grade in academic fields, I even had the chance to be admitted to Jinghai Tianyu University.

This made Fang Qin, Fang Yuan and Fang Yan feel both proud and hesitant to waste my time by calling me every night.

Especially after Fang Yan became an exchange student, the three of them could definitely not call me every evening to rotate.

So the three of them held a family meeting and agreed that every evening, only one person would call me.

This way, each person could contact me once every two days.

I was the last person to know about this.

On one hand, I could feel the care from my eldest sister, second brother, and third sister.

On the other hand, I was somewhat helpless.

In fact, even if all three of them called me every day, it would not waste much time.

The time for academic research is squeezed out of my schedule.

Even when eating, I would look at my research topics.

So I could easily squeeze out the time to chat with my family.

However, I did not reject my siblings good intentions.

The person who called me today is second brother Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan usually calls right at ten oclock every evening.

If there is a special procurement task from the Ten Thousand Treasures Commerce, Fang Yuan will inform him a day in advance.

At this time, Fang Mu could totally use the Needle Mosquito to extract a hundred milliliters of Heartblood.

But once the Heartblood was extracted, he wouldnt be able to recover within an hour.

Fang Yuan was not as fond of video chats as Fang Qin and Third Sister Fang Yan.

But his older brothers concern for him was certainly not insensitive.

He would definitely be able to hear the weakness in his voice.

Fang Mu decided to wait until after his older brother had finished the phone call before extracting the Heartblood.

The Aromatherapy Rabbit hadnt been disturbed for such a long time within the Mirror Turtle Pendant.

It should have become desensitized from its stress response.

Fang Mu decided to first treat the Aromatherapy Rabbits gastrointestinal injury.

Otherwise, if the moderate gastrointestinal injury were to worsen.

Even if the Aromatherapy Rabbit were fed petals, it would have difficulty in digesting and absorbing them.

With this in mind, Fang Mu immediately brought out the iron cage carrying the Aromatherapy Rabbit from the Mirror Turtle Pendant.

The Aromatherapy Rabbit had been curled up in a corner of the iron cage all along.

When Fang Mu first saw the Aromatherapy Rabbit, its body trembled incessantly.

The Aromatherapy Rabbit, which had stopped trembling in the Mirror Turtle Pendant, was now stimulated as Fang Mu took it out.

It mildly began to tremble again.

Fang Mu didnt immediately open the cage and drag the Aromatherapy Rabbit out.

Instead, he quietly sat by the Aromatherapy Rabbit, letting it familiarize itself with his scent.

About twenty minutes later, Fang Mu gently opened the iron cage.

His hand gently touched the Aromatherapy Rabbits slightly pink, white fluff.

As soon as Fang Mu touched it, the Aromatherapy Rabbit instinctively tried to escape.

But without having eaten for a long time, the Aromatherapy Rabbit had no strength to struggle.

It could only passively enjoy Fang Mus gentle strokes.

Under Fang Mus stroking, the trembling of Aromatherapy Rabbits body gradually ceased.

This whole process took yet another twenty minutes.

Fang Mu was very patient, showing no impatience at all.

Feeling that the Aromatherapy Rabbit was no longer so frightened of him.

Fang Mu took the teacup from the table, poured a cup of warm water from a thermos flask, and placed it in front of the Aromatherapy Rabbit.

Following incorrect ingestion that leads to gastrointestinal injury, drinking some warm water can help activate the gastrointestinal movement, which would be greatly beneficial to the Aromatherapy Rabbit.

People who raise Flower Eating Rabbits usually dont feed them water.

Thats because Flower Eating Rabbits mainly get their water from food.

The Aromatherapy Rabbit couldnt normally eat Flower Eating Rabbits food, so it was severely dehydrated.

Seeing there was water, the Aromatherapy Rabbit wanted to move to drink.

But the Aromatherapy Rabbit didnt even have the strength to dodge Fang Mus palm just now.

Naturally, it couldnt move successfully to the teacup to drink water either.

Fang Mu gently exerted force in his palm after noticing the Aromatherapy Rabbits intent, bringing the rabbits head to the teacup.

The Aromatherapy Rabbit lowered its head to test the temperate of the water before rapidly burying its head into the teacup.

It began to sip the warm water clumsily with its tiny mouth.

Fang Mu had intended to take the Red Jade Mountain Tea potted plant and feed the few remaining flowers from the Red Jade Mountain Tea to the Aromatherapy Rabbit.

Red Jade Mountain Tea inherently possesses the effects of stopping bleeding, reducing inflammation, relieving pain, and promoting blood regeneration.

It could serve as food for the Aromatherapy Rabbit and directly treat its ailments.

The effects of Red Jade Mountain Tea are very gentle, and wouldnt burden the Aromatherapy Rabbits already damaged stomach.

But just as Fang Mu was about to fetch the Red Jade Mountain Tea plant, Fang Mus phone rang.

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