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Fang Mu had assumed that the person calling at this hour would be his second brother, Fang Yuan.

But, to his surprise, when he looked, he saw that the call was from Hu Tao.

Picking up the phone, he could hear Hu Taos voice on the other end, which sounded a bit strained.Findd new tories on nov


This was just like when Hu Tao had taken the Silver Stage Blood Nourishing Honey Dates from him and thanked him.

Fang Mu, my mom chopped up a lot of meat tonight, and she says shes going to make meat pies tomorrow morning.

Ill bring you a couple when I go to school, so you wont need to bring your breakfast!

During high school, whether it was in his past life or this one.

The workload was always extremely heavy.

There was simply no shortcut to be found in this curriculum that was heavily focused on theory and knowledge.

So, out of consideration for the students, Jinghai High School for Beast Masters starts morning self-study at 6:30 am.

They dont get to go to the canteen for lunch until around 12 pm.

If students have breakfast before morning self-study, they would feel hungry before 11 am.

This might distract the students during the final class.

So, the school allows students to bring breakfast.

They even set aside fifteen minutes before the end of the 8 am self-study session for mealtime.

Why is Hu Tao thinking about bringing breakfast for him?

Fang Mus breakfast had always been prepared by Yan Wood.

Yan Woods culinary skills had a vague hint of the Old Fang Familys traditional dark cuisine.

Her tofu pudding carried the flavors of salt, sweet, and sour.

Upon closer tasting, you could also detect a note of bitterness and spiciness.

No matter if you preferred sweet or savory, you could find both in the tofu pudding made by Yan Wood.

Having grown up eating Old Fang Familys traditional dark cuisine, Fang Mu was already accustomed to it.

However, this didnt mean that he didnt crave for the assorted breakfast Hu Taos mother made for Hu Tao each day.

Beef meat pies, duck fat crisp pastries, shrimp dumplings, crab roe soup dumplings.

As Hu Taos desk mate, there was a long period when all Fang Mu could do was smell the aroma of Hu Taos breakfast while munching on his own weird-tasting meal.

Then Im counting on you, and please thank your mom for me!

As for Hu Tao voluntarily offering to bring him breakfast, Fang Mu didnt think much of it.

He just thought that the events of the day had deepened the friendship between him and Hu Tao.

After a few words with Hu Tao, Fang Mu hung up.

The moment Fang Mu hung up, he received a call from Fang Yuan.

The time was exactly ten oclock.

Fang Mu couldnt help but wonder if his second brother specifically set an alarm for ten oclock just to call him.

Little Wood, Im about to take over a pretty big project here.

This project will take almost a month.

Because the project is confidential, I wont be able to call you during its confidential phase.

Hearing this, Fang Mu hurriedly asked.

Second Brother, is there any danger involved in this kind of confidential mission?

On the other end of the phone, Fang Yuan, seeing Fang Mus concern, allowed a hint of warmth to creep into his normally austere face.

Seeing this, a member of the Golden Gloves who had been working with Fang Yuan for a long time and had recently moved into Fang Yuans dormitory was so shocked that his eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

One could say that this was the first time Lu Bo had ever seen this side of Fang Yuan.

The two other Golden Gloves members who had been living with Fang Yuan in the nearly three-hundred square meter room had already gotten used to this.

But, when they first saw Fang Yuan calling his younger brother, their expressions werent much better than Lu Bos.

Dont worry, were not like the Blue Gloves or Red Gloves, our confidential missions arent dangerous.

Little Wood, its not like I havent been on a confidential mission before, dont worry about me!

But you, even if youre studying with Professor Cui, dont forget to rest.

Fang Yuan was very emotionally intelligent.

When reminding Fang Mu to rest, he never emphasized the fact that Fang Mu was not a Beast Master.

Even though Fang Yuan is a boy, he is not necessarily as meticulous as Fang Qin and Yan Wood.

But Fang Yuans care for Fang Mu doesnt fall short of Fang Qin and Yan Woods.

If this were a previous life, Fang Yuans brotherly devotion wouldnt be well received by prospective marriage candidates.

After having a chat about school matters with Fang Mu, Fang Yuan said.

Little Wood, Ill transfer twenty thousand Dragon Soaring Coins to your card tomorrow.

Youre on your own at home, dont skimp on money when you need to.

Not giving Fang Mu a chance to refuse, Fang Yuan hung up the phone instantly.

The moment Fang Yuan ended the call, he saw Lu Bos ghost-bumped expression.

Fang Yuan immediately retracted his smile, and then said.

Go rest now, we got a task in three hours!

Lu Bo smacked his lips.

I thought you were calling a girl after watching you hover around your phone for more than ten minutes.

Turns out it was your brother!

Heard the presidents daughter of our commerce company is interested in you.

Are you going to accept or not!?

Bro, let me tell you

Before Lu Bo could finish his sentence, he saw Fang Yuan turn and walk towards his room.

If you dont sleep now, dont look for me to cover for you when its time to work!

The goods this time are transported from the Outer Realm!

Lu Bo knew that Fang Yuan is much more talented than him and has a wider network.

So he naturally gets more information than him.

If these goods really came from the Outer Realm, there is a likelihood that some pollutants might be mixed in.

These pollutants must be separated, otherwise, a major accident could occur!

Thinking of this, Lu Bo didnt have the mood to gossip or joke anymore.

He hurriedly returned to his room to rest.

Fang Mu noticed that as his second brothers situation got better, the amount of money he transferred to him also increased.

Due to demand, the money transferred to him was just the tip of the iceberg.

A larger portion was transferred to the eldest and third sisters.

The reason why Fang Yuan chose to join Ten Thousand Treasures Commerce to become a Gold Glove member, instead of developing in the Beastmaster Alliance.

Was to bear the economic consumption of the three Beastmasters at home and to provide Fang Mu with a better future.

One could say he has noble intentions!

Otherwise, in the eyes of ordinary people, the developmental potential of the official Beastmaster Alliance.

Is much better than joining the Ten Thousand Treasures Commerce.

Fang Mu initially thought that if the Covenant Blood Essence was too difficult to form.

The remaining ten thousand-plus Dragon Soaring Coins might not be enough for the daily purchase of materials.

Tomorrow, he would receive another twenty thousand Dragon Soaring Coins transferred by his second brother.

With this, Fang Mu would not only have no worries about the expenditures for buying materials.

But also, if he stumbled upon something valuable, he could choose to buy it.

Now Fang Mu could finally start extracting his Heartblood without worries.

Fang Mu brought over the pot of Red Jade Mountain Tea.

Looking at the two palm-sized Red Jade Mountain Tea plants in the basin-like pot, Fang Mu couldnt help scratching his head.

For extravagant Floral Beasts like Red Jade Mountain Tea, only wealthy families could afford to keep them.

Otherwise, not to mention producing a flower spirit, whether it could survive is a problem.

Fang Mu observes the Aromatherapy Rabbit who has already drunk most of the water in the teacup, now weakly watching him.

At this point, the Aromatherapy Rabbit doesnt fear him as much as before.

But it was still somewhat cautious.

Fang Mu directly plucks one of the only two tea flowers from the Red Jade Mountain Tea.

Then gently picks up the Aromatherapy Rabbit from the cage, and places it on a Goose Feather Cushion.

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