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As for the second Guardian Beast that Fang Mu should establish a contract with, he just needs to buy one from the Beastmaster Web using the money he earned from the Condensed Jade Dew!

The types and levels of Guardian Beasts on the Beastmaster Web are much higher than those in the Dinghai Mall.

Of course, there are generally not much good deals to be found on the Beastmaster Web.

Because the sellers who can sell Guardian Beasts and materials on the Beastmaster Web generally have extraordinary knowledge and strength.

To join the Beastmaster Web, there are certain requirements.

You need to pay a fee of five thousand Dragon Rising Coins to purchase a Beastmaster Web account from the Beastmaster Alliance.

This fee of five thousand Dragon Rising Coins discourages the majority of common people from joining the Beastmaster Web.

This ensures a relatively pure and clean trading environment on the Beastmaster Web.

Because many people do not wish to reveal their identities when logging onto the Beastmaster Web.

There have been numerous incidents of identity theft leading to disputes.

Eventually, the Beastmaster Alliance decided to introduce anonymous Beastmaster Web accounts.

However, the price of an anonymous Beastmaster Web account is twice as expensive as the one with registered identity.

That is, ten thousand Dragon Rising Coins.

Fang Mu plans to buy an anonymous Beastmaster Web account.

This will allow Fang Mu to pose as a Master Creator or even a Grandmaster Creator on the Beastmaster Web, or to sell some precious supplies.

Without being traced by some people in reality.

Of course, Fang Mu is doing this as a precaution.CHCk for ew stries on no




Usually, even with extraordinary courage, no one would dare to mess with a Master Creator or a Grandmaster Creator.

The Six-Hoof Dish Sheep Car parked steadily at Fang Mus doorstep.

Upon returning home, Fang Mu was greeted warmly by Xixi once again.

Fang Mu hadnt been home often recently, and Xixi missed him a lot.

Xixi previously didnt experience long times apart from Fang Mu.

Even though Fang Mu was in a hurry to contract the Pure Water he had kept in his Mirror Turtle Pendant for nearly two months.

But Fang Mu still decided to play with Xixi for a while.

For Fang Mu, Xixi had already become part of his family.

Just like the Big Orange Cat he adopted in his previous life.

Fang Mu, who had been playing with Xixi for half an hour, calmed himself down.

Fang Mu decided to take a bath first.

He would change into a set of clean pajamas, before he would start on the contract of his first Guardian Beast apart from his Destiny Guardian Beast.

Living in the school dorm all this time, Fang Mu hadnt had the time to take a bath while finalizing his Academic Report the last two days.

After a quick hot shower, he put on a set of white and blue striped pajamas.

Fang Mu walked out of the bathroom.

During this process, Xixi had been guarding the bathroom door all the time.

Seeing Fang Mu come out, Xixi followed closely behind him, just like a shadow.

Not willing to be far from him for a moment.

This feeling was familiar when he returned home after attending an academic forum or an outdoor adventure in his previous life, the way his fat orange cat would act around him.

It was a kind of deep love and attachment from the heart.

Fang Mu had siblings, friends, and a bright future.

But for Xixi, a Domestic Beast that was only used for cleaning, Fang Mu was everything.

While sitting on the sofa, Fang Mu took out a drop of Contracting Blood that he had separated and stored before.

The color of the Contracting Blood was a light golden color, filled with a mysterious hue.

It looked like a drop of liquid glass.

It was hard to believe that this small drop of liquid was refined from nearly fifteen thousand milliliters of Fang Mus blood and nearly six hundred milliliters of his Heartblood.

Fang Mu held the glass tube containing the Contracting Blood between his fingers.

Then he picked up the Mirror Turtle Pendant around his neck, ready to take out the Pure Water.

Just then, Fang Mus phone suddenly rang.

Fang Mu had set up different ringtones for the calls coming from his family members.

gallantly adventure through the nine provinces!

This ringtone signaled that the call was coming from Yan Wood.

Fang Mu reflexively reached for the pocket of his pajamas.

However, the vial he had been holding bumped into the pocket of his pajamas and dropped to the floor, shattering on impact.

The Covenant Blood Essence did not behave like regular liquid which would splash everywhere upon hitting the floor.

The rolling Covenant Blood Essence on the floor looked just like flowing soft jade, easy to collect.

But Fang Mu was not given any time to react.

The Gear Broom, fearing that the glass fragments would puncture Fang Mus foot, immediately started to clean.

In a short time, it had absorbed the nearby Covenant Blood Essence and glass fragments into its body.

This caused Fang Mu, who was holding his phone, to stiffen.

Attempting to stop the Gear Broom now would be futile.

Fang Mu now faced two choices.

The first choice was to immediately stab the mechanical heart located at the handle of the Gear Broom.

Even though the Gear Broom was not exactly a Guardian Beast, it was nonetheless a mechanical spirit.

If its mechanical heart was destroyed, the Gear Broom would lose its life.

This would allow Fang Mu to disassemble the Gear Brooms body after its death.

He could then recover the Covenant Blood Essence that had not been absorbed, to use for the Pure Water contract.

The second choice was to allow the Gear Broom to fully absorb the Covenant Blood Essence.

Let the Gear Broom become a Gear Broom that has successfully evolved. This would once again shatter a widely-held belief in the Dragon Rising


Before this, there was never a precedent of a Gear Broom evolving.

Just as no one would bury a resource as precious as gold in the mud.

Of course, thats not to say there arent Creators who have tried to go against the grain.

Once, a Master Creator took an interest in the Gear Broom.

However, after carefully selecting and cultivating a few Gear Brooms, not a single one managed to become a Guardian Beast.

The Master Creator became a laughingstock among his peers and the Gear Broom became a spirit not even dreamers would contemplate.

Because there were no previous cases, everything the Gear Broom would face after absorbing the Covenant Blood Essence was unknown.

There was a good chance that Fang Mu would waste around fifteen thousand milliliters of his own blood, nearly six hundred milliliters of heart blood, and the Covenant Blood Essence which had been condensed over a months time.

Once these two choices appeared in Fang Mus mind, he did not hesitate to abandon the first option.

In his previous life, Fang Mu had adopted a is a big orange cat that had a certain physical defect, leading to frequent urinary infections.

Fang Mu had taken the obese cat for at least four or five surgeries, which can be described as a grueling process.

Between the surgeries and care, Fang Mu had spent at least thirty thousand.

If it happened to many other people, perhaps abandoning a sick pet would be both a cheaper and smarter choice.

But for Fang Mu, once he accepted it as a member of his family.

As long as it could be saved and he had the means to do so, no matter how much it cost, he thought it was worth it.

The attitude Fang Mu showed to the orange cat in his past life was the same as that to the obedience pony in this one.

Fang Mu recalled when the Gear Broom had asked if a heart made of machinery could dream of electronic butterflies.

At that time, Fang Mu had kindly lied and told it yes.

Now, that kind lie had come true!

A heart made of machinery really could dream of electronic butterflies!

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