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Under the Eye of Omniscience, Xixi, at this moment, is a being created by Fang

Mu with his own Covenant Blood Essence.

There has never been such a creature before in this world.

Therefore, he has the naming rights to Xixi.

This makes Xixi fundamentally different from other Guardian Beasts.

The Eye of Omniscience cant see through Xixis evolutionary path.

That is to say, for Xixi to evolve, it needs him as the creator to gradually explore.

Xixis skill [Waste Recycling], which seems ordinary, is actually capable of purifying matter.

Purifying ordinary matter is easy.

But purifying various types of elemental energy and life energy brings it into the realm of a Creator.

Feeling thrilled, Fang Mu went to the goose feather cushion where the

Aromatherapy Rabbit was put.

After eating a condensing jade camellia, Aromatherapy Rabbit, with the energy contained in the camellia, can go a long time without feeding.

Fang Mu always relies on the Aromatherapy Rabbit to assist him in drawing normal blood or heartblood.

He couldnt bear to let the Aromatherapy Rabbit eat coagulated jade camellias all the time.

Fang Mu purposefully bought some Sediment Clearing Chrysanthemums, which also have the function of replenishing Qi and Blood.

The Bronze Tier Beast, Sediment Clearing Chrysanthemum, blooms abundantly, and the flowers are easy to preserve.

Each flower costs only thirty Dragon Rising Coins.

The Aromatherapy Rabbit has essentially achieved Sediment Clearing Chrysanthemum freedom.

In two months, it ate close to a hundred Sediment Clearing Chrysanthemums.

The Aromatherapy Rabbit has fully regained its health and has taken Fang Mu as its keeper.

The rabbit is naturally timid.

But now when Fang Mu reaches out, the Aromatherapy Rabbit will jump straight onto Fang Mus shoulder.

Its little paws cling to Fang Mus cheek, nestling against him.

Because the Aromatherapy Rabbit eats flowers, its excrement does not stink at all, instead exuding a slight pleasant aroma.

The Aromatherapy Rabbits tiny, Six Flavor Rehmannia Pill-sized droppings could likely be worn as potpourri pills by ordinary people if sold to them.

So Fang Mu did not clean up the Aromatherapy Rabbits droppings when he was particularly busy before.

Luckily, the Aromatherapy Rabbit heeds Fang Mus words and knows to defecate in the wooden box next to the goose feather cushion.

Fang Mu took the wooden box full of Aromatherapy Rabbit droppings and squatted down, placing it in front of Xixi.

Fang Mu wanted to see what would happen if Xixi, through its skill [Waste Recycling], swallowed the Aromatherapy Rabbits droppings.

He wondered if Xixi would, as he imagined, purify and extract out some special elements.

Even though the data from the Eye of Omniscience was very clear.

However, to confirm what the skill effect was truly like, he needed to test it in practice.

Its like before he used Blood Aged Wine to water the Red Jade Mountain Tea.

By only reading the skill description of the Blood Aged Wine, Fang Mu could not determine the exact effect of the Blood Aged Wine.

After evolving into a Guardian Beast, Xixi was in much need of replenishing its energy, having had a leap in its life level.

This made Xixi extremely hungry.

Since Xixi originally survives by eating waste, it is not picky about food.

Xixi extended its metal fiber-filled trunk into the wooden box.

With the sound of gears, a great suction force was emitted from the trunk.

Just like a kid eating snacks, Xixi sucked in all of the Aromatherapy Rabbits hundreds of droppings.

To aid in digestion, the metallic fibers intertwined and ground.

It crushed these small droppings into fragments.

The air was instantly filled with a faint floral fragrance.

Fang Mu was fascinated by this scent, but the Aromatherapy Rabbit showed a disgusted expression.

Its increasingly rosy ears drooped, covering its nose.

Then it burrowed its entire head into the goose feather cushion.

After eating up all the Aromatherapy Rabbits droppings, Xixis hunger not only did not subside.

Instead, it felt even hungrier.

Fang Mu cooks for himself in the morning and evening, only solving his lunch in the schools cafeteria.

Over these two months Fang Mu has not been home at all.

Even if the vegetables are kept in the four-door refrigerator in the basement, they should have gone bad by now.

The frozen meat and fish in the refrigerator were originally fresh.

Now, after two months of freezing, although theyre still edible, they arent as fresh as they once were.

Since the vacuum cleaner, Susu, is so hungry now, it might as well be fed!

Upon thinking this, Fang Mu habitually put his hand on Susus handle.

The handle of Susu originally had some protrusions, which didnt feel nice to touch.

Now, Susus handle is covered with a layer of extremely fine metallic fur.

The metallic fur gives Fang Mu a very comfortable touch, decidedly not worse than the fur of any animal.

Fang Mu immediately realized that during the evolution process, this little guy Susu had even been considering himself.

Lets go, Susu. Ill take you to clean the basement and have a hearty meal. Fang Mu took Susu to the underground storage room.

The underground storage room, which had not been taken care of for two months, was filled with a foul smell.

The damp musty smell made Fang Mu furrow his brows.

But Susu was reveling in this smell.

Fang Mu, Susu will eat all the dirty things!

As Susu spoke, it actively activated the skill [Garbage Recycling].

Instantly, with Susu as the origin, a layer of air membrane appeared within a radius of one meter.

This air membrane blocked the outside air and continuously absorbed the impurities in the air.

Fang Mu, standing within the air membrane, no longer smelled any unpleasant odors.

Meanwhile, upon Fang Mus command,

Susu used its metallic fur to open the refrigerator door.

Many food items inside had grown greyish-brown and white mold.

Susus metallic fur transformed into a shredder,

And it swallowed all these moldy food items.

It used the metallic fur to clean every corner of the refrigerator, making it look as good as new.

While Susu was scrupulously cleaning the refrigerator,

Fang Mu noticed that compared to some fruits and vegetables, Susu was much more interested in the meat.

When eating meat, Susu obviously had a much greater sense of happiness than when it was consuming vegetables.

Soon, all the garbage in the basement was cleaned up by Susu. Although Susu was no longer as hungry as before,

It was clear that its energy gap was not completely replenished.

If it werent for the safety of ordinary people and the fact that security cameras were installed in every corner of the residential area,

Fang Mu would want to take Susu out at night and clean up all the trash cans one by one.

Garbage, these worthless things, are not easy to amass in large quantities in a short period of time.

Suddenly, Fang Mu thought about what Fang Qin had mentioned.

The Jinghai Army will no longer interfere with the environmental protection of Jinghai Province.

The environmental protection of Jinghai Province will be taken over by the Scavenger, an organization dedicated to protecting and maintaining the environment, sponsored by the Dragon Rising Federation. Two years ago, the Scavenger set up a branch in JA City.

And built a towering exotic beast incinerator.

The environmental protection issue in the world where Fang Mu currently lives is much more severe than in his past life.

In the past, environmental protection was about the restrictions humans placed on their own actions.

In this life, environmental protection has nothing to do with humans, but is caused by exotic beasts.T

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Instability in space leads to frequent opening of dimensional rifts.

Every time a dimensional rift opens, various exotic beasts break out.

These exotic beasts start an endless massacre as soon as they crawl out of the rift.

Lower-tier beasts only have an instinct to kill, and have no intelligence to speak of.

Higher-ranked beasts are much more cunning than humans and play a leading role in the beast hordes.

Every time, whether its the Jinghai Army, the Beastmaster Alliance, various clubs, or major commercial groups,

After killing all the exotic beasts, they cant let the corpses rot in the


The toxins contained in the bodies of these beasts will pollute the land, and the resulting impact is far more severe than the destruction caused by the beasts on the land..

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