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Clean Water, as an Elemental Beast, had been placed in the Mirror Turtle Pendant for two months and appeared to have no changes at all.

On the contrary, it seemed even more transparent and shiny.

If before, Fang Mu might have felt quite a pressure to contract with Clean Water, an Elemental Beast of pure body, now, he, who could perfectly play the role of a Grandmaster Creator, could well afford to support Clean Water.

Isnt it just a high purity water attribute elemental energy?

With Xiaxia there, Fang Mu could have as much as he wanted.

Every expanse of water contained water elemental energy, the only problem was the multitude of impurities within it.

Fang Mu did not need to bring Xiaxia to the edge of a water body to purify it.

Fang Mu just needed to turn on the tap and let Xiaxia suck the tap water into its body.

This way, he could extract high-purity water elemental energy.

Fang Mu gently dripped the second drop of Contract Blood Essence on Clean Water.

Clean Water immediately wrapped around the Contract Blood Essence.

In an instant, the transparent Clean Water turned gold.

A faint radiance was constantly circulating inside.

The water orb, the size of a football, gradually formed a whirlpool.

The gold was constantly converging towards the centre of the whirlpool.

It seemed that a faint consciousness had emerged from the center of the whirlpool.

The water orb kept reconfiguring itself, and at the moment when the gold disappeared,

Clean Water had already transitioned from a floating water orb to two parts.

From the look of it, its like a girl with a vague outline sitting on a water orb.

Due to the contract, that illusory girl-like water orb was getting ever closer to Fang Mu.

Elemental Spirits!

This only occurs in high-level Elemental Beasts.

It is also the beginning, or the possibility, of elemental beasts evolving into elves.

Elves are legendary guardian beasts.

They can control the environment of their own attribute in nature by themselves.

The description of such beasts in books is only fragmentary.

One would think that only a few major forces could have a glimpse into the cultivation pathway of elves.

Through the Eye of Omniscience, Fang Mu looked at Clean Water, which had made an obvious leap in life level after being contracted by him.

[Beast Name]: Clean Water Spirit [Beast Species]: Elemental Department

/Aqua Spirit Type

[Beast Level]: Bronze Stage (1

/10) [Beast Element]: Water System [Beast Potential]: Silver Stage [Beast Quality]: Standard Quality


[Water Absorption Spirit]: Use its own water elemental energy as a carrier to contain another type of elemental energy, make this energy an attachment of its own, and can also mimic a living being of the contained attribute.

Evolutionary Path:

O: Sword Holding Water Servant, @: Water Beast Girl, O: Rainy Doll.

Fang Mu noticed that Clean Waters name had changed to Clean Water Spirit.

Its species had also changed from Water Element to Aqua Spirit Type.

This proved that Clean Water Spirit had indeed taken the first step towards evolving into an elf.

The original skill, Water Reception, had also changed to Water Absorption Spirit.

The previous Water Reception closely combined itself with the elemental energy being absorbed, with no distinction.

Now it treated the absorbed elemental energy as its own attachment.

This made it easier to control this kind of elemental energy.

At the same time, it could choose a living being of the absorbed attribute to mimic, thus enhancing its combat capability.

Originally, under the Eye of Omniscience, Clean Waters evolution path was not shown.

But after the evolution, other elemental energies had become attachments of Clean Water Spirit.

So these absorbed elemental energies would not influence the evolution direction of Clean Water Spirit.

If Clean Water Spirit wanted to evolve towards the Sword Holding Water Servant, it would need to continuously increase the flow speed of the inner water.

The Sword Holding Water Servant could transform the rapidly flowing water into a pair of swords.

This humanoid Elemental Beast predominantly engages in close combat.

Clearly, the evolutionary direction of a Water Beast Girl enhances the spirit-forming effect of the skill [Water Absorption Spirit].

It can manipulate one or more mimic water beasts for combat.

This mode of combat appears to be using numbers to win battles.

The water beasts that separate out are still a part of its own energy.

Therefore, this evolutionary path can only be flexed against those weaker than itself.

Fighting against those of similar strength wouldnt be particularly effective. The evolutionary path of the Rainy Doll is the one that best fits the current form of the pure water spirit.

Mainly by causing rain from high altitudes, it can attack and control opponents.

It can also switch to a close-combat state with the skill [Water Absorption Spirit].

Early on, Fang Mu planned to combine the Pure Water Spirit with a poison element using the Water Absorption skill.

Beastmaster Scholars generally believe that Poison Series Beasts are exceptionally powerful at lower levels.

But by the time they reach higher levels, their power begins to wane.

Adventure teams in the wild generally dislike teaming up with individuals who have contracted Poison Series Beasts.

The weakness of Poison Series Beasts at higher levels is not due to their poison weakening.

It is not particularly effective at inflicting damage on targets.

Its because Poison Series Beasts have weak armor-penetrating abilities and struggle to effectively deliver their poison into the target during combat.

Currently, the Clean Water Spirit can absorb various toxins.

Various toxins working together can inflict unimaginable damage.

For example, the mold toxin contained in the just absorbed Poison Crystal (Mold Poison) can corrode the targets outer scales.

Each toxin has its specific effects.T

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Acidic toxins, following the erosion of the mold toxin on the scales, can permeate to the inside.

This will accelerate the disintegration of the scales.

Once the tender skin is exposed, it will be destroyed.

Then, the Blood Poison and Neurotoxin can take effect.

With the presence of Absorption, Fang Mu can absorb the toxins contained in the blood and body fluids of beasts.

Training the Clean Water Spirit to become a combination of various toxins.

If Fang Mu continues on this training path, the Rainy Doll is the most suitable evolution target for the Pure Water Spirit.

These three evolutionary paths are often referred to as half-elves.

Those with real resources, confidence, and daring to contract Elemental Beasts, are generally the offspring of big powers.

The Elemental Beasts they contract are usually trained into this state.

Fang Mu threw the Poison Crystal (Mold Poison) towards the Pure Water Spirit.

Fang Mu found that the Pure Water Spirit gathered all of the toxins absorbed from the Poison Crystal into the Water Orb under its body.

It tinged the Water Orb beneath it with a faint grey-yellow color.

Fang Mu picked up a Sediment Clearing Chrysanthemum, allowing the Clean Water Spirit to touch the flowers petals with its water stream.

Fang Mu watched as the Sediment Clearing Chrysanthemum in his hand, tainted by the water stream.

It became full of grey-yellow mold in less than forty seconds.

Fang Mu casually threw the rotting Sediment Clearing Chrysanthemum to Absorption as a little snack.

Then Fang Mu took three planks of different thicknesses from the simple training room set up by Yan Wood at home.

He let the Pure Water Spirit attack the three planks.

Fang Mu discovered that the force of the Clean Water Spirits water-flow strike was akin to a steel cable swung at full strength by a strong man.

The moment the water flow touched the plank, it made a short, sharp explosive sound.

After smashing the one centimeter thick plank into pieces, it then broke the one and a half centimeter thick plank.

On the two-centimeter plank, it left a whip mark that nearly pierced through the plank.

Seeing this, Fang Mu, facing the clearly smarter Pure Water Spirit, gave a thumbs up.

After expending two drops of Contracting Blood, Fang Mu acquired two beasts connected to his own bloodline.

After all this, it was already eleven oclock in the evening.

All the food at home had been eaten by Absorption.

So, Fang Mu did not choose to cook for himself, but ordered takeout a rarity for him.

After eating the takeout, Fang Mu logged into the official website of The Beastmaster Alliance.

He spent ten thousand Dragon Soaring Coins in the Beastmaster Website Area to purchase an anonymous Beastmaster Web Account.

He then used this anonymous account to log in to the Beastmaster Web..

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