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Ten thousand Dragon Rising Coins were spent just for an anonymous Stewards Network account.

Basically, a Beast Master with decent conditions will have their own Stewards Network Account.

Those struggling Beast Masters with less favourable conditions wouldnt hesitate to spend five thousand Dragon Rising Coins on a Stewards Network login qualification once their strength has been elevated to Two Mang Star. Some things cant be obtained without logging into the Stewards Network.

Unless they have plenty of social connections.

But the favour spent on obtaining Guardian Beasts and spiritual materials through social connections is much more precious than money.

Just as Fang Mu was thinking about what name he should use for his anonymous Stewards Network account, his cell phone rang.

Loving you walking alone down the dark alley, loving your unbowed figure, loving your fight against despair, refusing to shed a tear.

Hearing this ringtone, Fang Mu quickly answered the phone.

Fang Yuan had gone on a special mission for the Ten Thousand Treasures

Commerce and hadnt been in touch with Fang Mu in the past two months.

Fang Mu knew very well that after their parents passed away, both Fang Yuan and Fang Qin took charge of the family.

Fang Yuans mind was more flexible than Fang Qins, and he contributed more to their family.

To Fang Mus family, Fang Yuan was a hero, quietly making sacrifices in the dark.

Fang Yuans special tasks up to now had lasted at most one month each.

This time the duration had nearly doubled.

When Fang Qin and Xiao Yan called Fang Mu, although they never brought it up,

Fang Mu could tell how worried Fang Qin and Xiao Yan were about Fang Yuan.

As soon as he picked up, Fang Mu could hear the exhausted voice of Fang Yuan, trying to sound energetic, on the other end of the line.

Little Wood, this mission took longer than usual, but everything went smoothly.

From today on, I can call you as usual.

As a biologist in his past life, Fang Mu had a lot of medical knowledge.

Fang Yuans hoarse voice indicated that he hadnt used it for a long time.

As an operative of Ten Thousand Treasures Commerce, it was impossible for Fang Yuan not to communicate with his companions during missions.

So, something must have happened to Fang Yuan.

However, Fang Mu didnt expose Fang Yuan. He had to respect his brothers stubbornness and responsibility towards their family.

Fang Mu took a dozen seconds to calm his feelings, then softly said,

As long as everythings going smoothly!

Third Sister and eldest sister are very worried about you, you should call them to let them know youre safe.

Fang Yuan had always been aware that his little brother is very considerate since childhood, always considering other members of the house. Compared to Xiao Yan, Little Wood gave him fewer worries.

Ill call eldest sister and Xiao Yan once Im finished.

I have good news for you. I was promoted during this mission, and have become the team leader of the Golden Gloves procurement division.

I wont need to undertake secret missions anymore, and can just purchase supplies on weekdays!

Fang Mu didnt understand the promotion conditions among different levels of the Ten Thousand Treasures Commerce.

But the fact that Fang Yuan was directly promoted to the leader after a secret mission, showed just how much danger Fang Yuan was facing.

In the future, Fang Mu, as a Creator, would sell supplies on the Beastmaster


If he had to sell anyway, he might as well boost his performance.

To maintain the long-term relationship with a high-level Creator, Ten

Thousand Treasures Commerce would definitely not let him suffer any loss.

Because in the world of Beast Masters, the resources of a high-level Creator are priceless!

The resources of a high-level Creator are far more valuable than money itself.

Bro, as a leader of the Golden Gloves procurement division, do you mainly connect with major powers in real life or connect through the Beastmaster


Fang Mus question puzzled Fang Yuan somewhat.

In Fang Yuans memory, Fang Mu was not a curious person.

Moreover, Fang Mu shied away from discussing matters concerning the Beast Master realm.

However, Fang Yuan interpreted this as Fang Mus concern for him and thought nothing more of it.

But the Beastmaster Web isnt exactly the ideal place for scavenging.

Even if one constantly keeps an eye on it, there are hardly any opportunities for good finds.

Fang Mu nodded subtly, acknowledging Fang Yuans words.T0ppp vl updates on n



Indeed, with nearly all Beast Masters choosing to use the Beastmaster Web, it attracted an enormous volume of users.

Which was much higher than the daily amount of resources listed for sale.

Consequently, as long as the listed resources are reasonably priced, they sell out quickly.

Some creators, despite having a Beastmaster Web account, do not personally sell their resources on it.

These transactions are typically carried out by the Creators Assistant.

If one tried contacting the Beastmaster Web account selling the supplies, they likely wouldnt reach the Creator themselves.

Add to this, the lofty social status of the Creators.

Even if one managed to reach a Creators Beastmaster Web account, theres no guarantee the Creator would respond.

Fang Mu, aware of Fang Yuans Beastmaster Web account name and ID, knew how to contact him privately.

When the time came, Fang Mu would merely need a few simple operations to avoid raising Fang Yuans suspicions.

Fang Yuan didnt chat for as long with Fang Mu as he typically does.

Both Fang Qin and Yan Wood were worriedly waiting for his call.

Before hanging up, Fang Yuan spoke.

Little Wood, if your goal is to become a Makers Assistant and youre working towards this,

I suggest you attend the public lectures of the creators during your vacation.

I earned a good bonus from this mission, so Ill transfer 100,000 Dragon Rising Coins to you!

With that, Fang Yuan ended the call.

This was the first time Fang Yuan had intervened in Fang Mus development and life plans.

Upon learning Fang Mu lacked the talent to become a Beast Master, Fang Yuan hoped that Fang Mu, as an ordinary person, could lead a safe and happy life.

Fang Yuan, Fang Qin, and Yan Wood cared deeply for Fang Mu.

Knowing Fang Mu was working hard on this path and had achieved interim success,

Fang Yuan was willing to offer the money he had set aside for his own advancement to assist Fang Mu in his progress.

For anyone aspiring to become a Makers Assistant, attending creators public lectures would be the best choice,

However, at the cost of twenty thousand Dragon Rising Coins per class given by a low-level creator.

Its a luxury few can afford.

On the other side of the call, Fang Mu listened to the busy tone of the phone. After a moment of contemplation, he knitted his brows.

Ever since Fang Yuan offered him money a year ago, which he rejected,

Fang Yuan would always inform him about a fund transfer at the end of each call and then promptly hang up.

Fang Mus goal hasnt been to become a Makers Assistant for over two months now.

Given the option, Fang Mu could even masquerade as a Grandmaster Creator.

As much as Fang Mu remained committed to learning and absorbing knowledge,

He refused to pay such a hefty price for courses delivered by low-level creators.

Once a Creator crosses the advanced level to become Master Creator,

They earn their own distinctive title.

Titles for Beast Masters were mostly recognized by others,

But out of respect, creators often chose their own titles.

After a bit of hesitation, Fang Mu decided on the name Qixing for his Beastmaster Web account.

The moon waxes and wanes, yet the stars persist.

Each life is a unique star, asserting its solitary splendor.

Fang Mu aspired to be the light that perpetually illuminates these stars.

This was his intent as a biologist in a previous life, and it remains as the intent of the Creator in this life.

In the still of the night, the name Qixing ignites like starfire on the Beastmaster Web..

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