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Fang Mu had never logged onto the Beastmaster Web before.

Upon logging in, Fang Mu discovered that the Beastmaster Web basically resembled a second world built by networking.

There were countless forums and communities on it, posting a variety of news and gossip.

Enriching the lives of Beast Masters.

Before each rare resource is put up for sale in the trade area, one can see the price of that resource from its last transaction on the Beastmaster Web.

This ensures that adventurers who are not very familiar with the value of such resources, do not end up selling their loot too cheaply.

The purpose of this is to provide the maximum protection to the sellers rights.

It also encourages Beast Masters and Creators to sell supplies on the Beastmaster Web.

Of course, enjoying preferential treatment also requires fulfilling corresponding responsibilities.

The Beast Masters and Creators who sell resources on the Beastmaster Web must ensure the accuracy of the information they provide.

The Beastmaster Web officials responsible for the logistics will verify the goods before shipping.

If they find any discrepancies, the seller will face severe penalties.

And compensation must be paid to the buyer.

Fang Mu first took a look at the rules and regulations on the Beastmaster Web.

Only after understanding the rules and regulations did Fang Mu start searching for Condensed Jade Dew in the trade area.

The Red Jade Mountain Tea had evolved into Coagulated Jade Camellia after absorbing Blood Aged Wine.DiiScover w storis on no




Indeed, Coagulated Jade Camellia was rare, and there was no exact illustration of it in the related materials.

However, that didnt prove that others didnt possess Coagulated Jade Camellia.

After Fang Mus search, he found flowers from Coagulated Jade Camellia being sold in the trade area, but there was no Condensed Jade Dew.

Only after a thorough search did he find a few skincare products containing Condensed Jade Dew.

All these skincare products had one thing in common their extreme high prices.

The cheapest product, a face cream with only one-fifth of a drop of Condensed Jade Dew, was priced around six thousand Dragon Rising Coins.

Face cream that included a whole drop of Condensed Jade Dew was even more expensive than a public class given by a low-level Creator.

The Dragon Rising Federation had very clear regulations regarding the processed goods of rare resources.

Unless it is an elixir concocted by a Creator, all products must clearly state the ingredients and the quantities therein.

With Fang Mus level of knowledge, he could easily estimate the prices of the rare resources added into these face creams.

Fluorescent Coral Branch Powder, Moist Pearl Powder, Skin Beautifying Flower Juice

Take for example a moderately priced face cream that cost eight thousand five hundred Dragon Rising Coins.

Excluding these commonly used resources beneficial for skin hydration and nourishment, the price of each one-fifth drop of Condensed Jade Dew was four thousand two hundred Dragon Rising Coins.

The effort and time taken to mix these resources could be disregarded.

The truly effective ingredient in these face creams was Condensed Jade Dew.

All that had to be done was to properly proportion and mix each resource, then package them accordingly.

After seeing these face cream brands and their products, Fang Mu decided to set the price of Condensed Jade Dew at twenty-one thousand Dragon Rising Coins.

This price was on par with a decent bronze-rank Guardian Beast.

On one hand, this was related to the rarity of the Coagulated Jade Camellia, a plant-type beastmaster.

On the other hand, obtaining Condensed Jade Dew requires consumption of Life Energy and Wood Element Energy.

Therefore, the cost of producing a drop of Condensed Jade Dew is not cheap.

But as he had access to Blood Aged Wine and the Flower Spirit, selling Condensed Jade Dew amounted to a no-cost business for Fang Mu.

As Fang Mu continued to nourish the Coagulated Jade Camellia with Life Energy and Wood Element Energy of over sixty percent purity, the plant would produce more flowers, thus generating more Condensed Jade Dew.

In the future, by selling Condensed Jade Dew, Fang Mu could earn over five hundred thousand Dragon Rising Coins daily.

By using the Blood Aged Wine and the Flower Spirit, Fang Mu could impersonate a Grandmaster Creator on the Beastmaster Web.

Five hundred thousand Dragon Rising Coins for Fang Mu was just a spoonful of water taken from the sea.

However, this was enough to make Fang Mu happy at this moment.

This is the first money Fang Mu earned in the Beast Master field.

Now Fang Mu can also earn money to support his family!

While exploring skincare products with the ingredient of Coagulated Jade Dew, Fang Mu found that luxury goods in the Beastmaster field were numerous.

In some skincare products, a large amount of Flower Jade ingredients were added.

The difficulty of cultivating a Guardian Beast that can sprout a Flower Spirit is challenging.

This makes Flower Jades price put off many low-level creators.

Fang Mu has thought about creating a skincare brand through the increasingly large amount of Coagulated Jade Dew he holds.

This way, his profit could be maximized.

However, with a little thought, Fang Mu gave up this idea.

Because its complicated and requires many procedures to create a brand and make a record in the Dragon Rising Federation.

Its not something someone without the proper channels could achieve in a short time.

Instead of spending such energy and time, it is better to let the enhancements eat more rubbish.

This way, Fang Mu could find more ways to make money.

But what kind of monsters are those advertised in high-end skincare products!?

Has the skin been exfoliated?

Is this something to tell customers, to ask them?

After determining the price, Fang Mu decisively put all seventy-two drops of Coagulated Jade Dew up for sale in the trade area.

He sold it at a price of twenty-two thousand Dragon Rising Coins per drop.

Since it is rare, the rarity makes it precious.

Fang Mu increasing the price by a thousand Dragon Rising Coins is quite reasonable.

Langya Biology is a large biological group in Qing Cang Province, mainly breeding wolf-type creatures.

The Beast Taming Base run by Fang Mus parents needs to source their goods from upstream.

Biological groups like Langya Biology are suppliers to all small and medium-sized beast taming bases.

Although Langya Biologys business scope has not exceeded Qing Cang Province,

In various cities of Qing Cang Province, it is definitely a well-known existence.

Only a few large biological groups that also mainly breed wolf-type creatures

Can compete with Langya Biology.

Feng Chenhao is a direct line member of the Langya Biology group.

But family-style large groups like Langya Biology often have numerous direct descendants due to their thriving population.

It is really difficult for the younger generation to stand out.

Feng Chenhao has lived in a competitive environment since childhood.

From the moment of birth, everyone, apart from enhancing their power, must also find ways to please the authorities within the family.

In another half a month, it will be the centenary birthday banquet of his own grandmother.

As a way of expressing filial piety, the young direct descendants of the family started preparing gifts early.

Feng Chenhao was no exception.

However, not only does the family host a banquet for grandmothers centenary, but also every year prior.

Feng Chenhao and his nearly thirty-plus brothers and sisters have tried various innovative gifts over twenty years.

Its hard to find a gift that is both thoughtful and practical.

Therefore, Feng Chenhao has specially sorted out his own treasure trove, and even got a lot of funds from his parents.

He spent almost all day and night on the Beastmaster Web looking..

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