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Clean and orderly data appeared in front of Fang Mu.

This was not Fang Mus first time seeing Wei Xinyus Twinkling Bell Orchid.

However, it was the first time he had seen such concrete data.Finndd the newst ovels on n



Fang Mu had heard from Cui Ruochen before.

A Creator could, based on his own knowledge, see through the skills and exclusive traits of others Guardian Beasts.

He could even explore the evolutionary path of the Guardian Beasts and assist them in evolving in a specific direction.

But this ability is based on a conjecture and analysis built on enough knowledge.

Its like someone knowledgeable at a glance can see how to do this problem.

Its an imagined thing.

But now Fang Mu was able to express this imaginary thing in a concrete way.

This ability allowed Fang Mu to determine that it should be related to his awakened Destiny Guidebook.

If a Creator wants to assist the Guardian Beasts bloodline to undergo transformation,

He needs to go through repeated trial and error, consuming a large amount of spirit material.

And now, in front of Fang Mu, three clear evolutionary schemes appeared.

These three evolutionary schemes had detailed recipes under the condition that Fang Mu consumed spiritual power to probe them.

Once Fang Mu became a real Creator in the future,

He could use the least resources to precisely cultivate Guardian Beasts.

And he could also customize the Guardian Beasts according to the requirements of the Beast Masters.

This kind of ability, let alone Senior Creators, even Master Creators and Grandmaster Creators could not do it.

The rank of Guardian Beast starts at the copper level.

The quality goes from common to elite to perfect, constantly moving upwards.

Every time a Guardian Beast increases a rank, it will gain corresponding skills.

When the quality reaches perfect, it will undergo the first transformation.

And gain an exclusive trait that belongs to this spirit object itself.

Normally, if a Silver-Level Twinkling Bell Orchid can produce thirteen or fourteen flowers, it can be considered very well-cultivated.

Wei Xinyus Twinkling Bell Orchid, due to its exclusive trait [Magnificent Blossom].

Had produced more than fifty small white flowers, like bells.

This is the change that the exclusive trait brings to the Guardian Beast itself.

Of course, this also has to do with Wei Xinyus willingness to provide resources for her Twinkling Bell Orchid.

Otherwise, no matter how capable the plant itself is of blooming, without enough nutrients, it wont work.

In addition to awakening the mind and healing psychological wounds, the Twinkling Bell Orchid

Is also a special kind of financial management Guardian Beast.

Its Bronze-Level skill [Bell Shake] emits low-frequency spiritual fluctuations, which can help awaken the Destiny Guidebook.

The low-frequency spiritual fluctuations emitted by [Bell Shake] are very gentle.

Many wealthy families like to hire Beast Masters who have contracted with Twinkling Bell Orchids

To help younger generations awaken.

The charge for each time is often around ten thousand federal coins.

So, while Wei Xinyu was serving as the school doctor at Jinghai High School for Beast Masters, she would occasionally take on employment.

Although this income is not enough to make Wei Xinyu a rich woman, it is enough to keep her from being too destitute on the path of cultivating Guardian Beasts.

Now Wei Xinyus Twinkling Bell Orchid has already reached Silver Level Seven.

The potential of the Twinkling Bell Orchid is in the Gold Level.

So, after the rank of Twinkling Bell Orchid is promoted to Gold Level, it cant advance further.

She must find a Creator to help the Twinkling Bell Orchid increase its potential through means such as adjusting the spiritual liquid.

To possibly allow the Twinkling Bell Orchid to continue to increase its rank.

As for the improvement of quality, it is the limit for creators below Senior level to raise the quality of the Guardian Beast to perfect level.

If you want to raise the quality even higher, thats in the realm of Master Creators and Grandmaster Creators.

Such important people are not ones you can hire simply by spending money.

As Fang Mu was saying goodbye to Wei Xinyu, he rubbed his temple with his hand.

The twists and opportunities that occurred on this day were just too numerous.

Jinghai High School for Beast Masters scheduled theory classes in the mornings and practical ones in the afternoons.

Thats why Fang Mu could take the afternoon off every day.

Usually, Fang Mu would spend his afternoons in the library.

But now, Fang Mu planned to go home to carefully study his Destiny Guidebook.

As well as why he could see the Guardian Beasts data after awakening his Destiny Guidebook.

Leaving the School Infirmary, Fang Mu first arranged with Hu Tao for a six oclock meeting in the evening.

Then he addressed Bai Hao and Bai Ya.

If you two want to reduce your expenses on feeding the Guardian Beasts.

Ive made the most cost-effective adjustment for you, without compromising the growth potential of the beasts.

After Hu Tao and I finish our supplemental lessons in the evening.

I will send the plan to your mailbox.

Bai Hao and Bai Yas family owned a Spirit Material Retail Shop.

To have the means to open a Spirit Material Retail Shop among ordinary people indicated a prosperous household.

However, Bai Hao and Bai Ya had to economize on feeding their Guardian Beasts.

This made Fang Mu, who hadnt formally contracted a beast yet, feel a sort of financial pressure.

Before taking the college entrance examination next year and entering Jinghai Tianyu University, Fang Mu would definitely have to reveal his identity as a Beast Master.

Therefore, Fang Mu must tell his older sister, second brother, and third sister.

As long as his family confirmed that he had awakened his Destiny Guidebook several years ago, he wouldnt be doubted.

Knowing the love his older sister, second brother, and third sister have for him

Even if he wasnt considering carefully, the three of them could help him handle the aftermath properly.

However, Fang Mu didnt plan to immediately tell his family that he had become a Beast Master.

His older sister had joined the Jinghai Army and had become an executor in a Special Department of the Jinghai Army.

She would soon be undertaking rigorous advanced studies.

After graduating from college, his second brother went to the Imperial City alone to make a living, working for Ten Thousand Treasures Commerce.

He became a member of the Golden Gloves in Ten Thousand Treasures Commerce.

The Golden Gloves were involved with procuring supplies and had the chance to interact with Creators.

Of the seventy thousand Dragon Rising Coins Fang Mu had saved up, more than half were mailed to him by his older brother.

His third sister was originally a third-year student at Jinghai Tianyu University, but she was chosen to be an exchange student and went to Demon Capital Dragon Garden University two months ago.

If his older sister, second brother, and third sister learned that he had suddenly awakened his Destiny Guidebook,

They would definitely rush home immediately to check on his condition.

This would undoubtedly have a great impact on the three of them, who are in a period of rapid development.

Before, it had always been his sister and brother helping him.

Fang Mu planned to wait until he became a Creator.

Then he could also help his older sister, second brother, and third sister in return.

After bidding farewell to Hu Tao, Bai Ya, and Bai Hao,

Fang Mu immediately returned home.

Fang Mu locked his room tightly, sat on the sofa, and activated his spiritual power.

An Illustrated Handbook, conjured from spiritual power, appeared in front of Fang Mu.

Thanks to Teacher Wei using the skill [Bell Shake] twice on him with her Twinkling Bell Orchid,

Otherwise, it would take a few days for Fang Mu, who had just awakened his Destiny Guidebook, to solidify it to the point where he could flip through it.

Fang Mu reached out his hand, touching the Destiny Guidebook he had been dreaming of.

Then, taking a deep breath, he opened the title page of the Destiny Guidebook.

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