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The moment he opened the title page of his Destiny Guidebook.

Fang Mu, a man of two lives, found his heart filled with uncontrollable excitement though he himself believed he had a steady disposition.

Fang Mu knew very well the benefits of a Destiny Guardian Beast to a Beast Master, as his eldest sister, second brother, and third sister all had their own Destiny Guardian Beasts.

Compared to ordinary guardian beasts, a Destiny Guardian Beast possesses an innate divine ability.

This innate divine ability can be transferred to a Beast Masters body.

This is why the Dragon Rising Federation places such great value on talents who have awakened their Destiny Guardian Beasts.

Fang Mu had envisaged all possible scenarios that could occur when he opened the title page of his Destiny Guidebook.

However, he never thought he would see the Dry Well that he had seen before losing consciousness on his Destiny Guidebooks title page.

Whats more, he had never expected to see a figure standing next to the Dry Well, a figure very similar to his own.

Any way you look at this, it appears exceedingly bizarre.

Yet Fang Mu, having seen all this, was extremely elated.

The data of this Dry Well and the mysterious figure flashed before Fang Mus eyes.

The two sets of data displayed before his eyes made Fang Mu realize that he had just obtained two Destiny Guardian Beasts at once.

Just like those who had undergone three awakenings could no longer awaken their Destiny Guidebooks.

Fang Mu had shattered this common-sense understanding.

And now, Fang Mu once again shattered another commonly accepted piece of knowledge.

That is, after a Beast Master awakens his Destiny Guidebook, there would be at most only one Destiny Guardian Beast.

Fang Mu forced himself to calm down, his brain quickly churning, thinking.

As a student at Jinghai High School for Beast Masters, Fang Mu had gathered enough accurate and systematic knowledge.

The Destiny Guidebook originates from the condensation of spiritual power.

As for the existence of a Destiny Guardian Beast, it pertains to the soul of a Beast Master.

As a transmigrator, Fang Mu possesses two souls.

Therefore, its not impossible for him, after awakening his Destiny Guidebook, to possess two Destiny Guardian Beasts.

It is said that those who possess a Destiny Guardian Beast find it more challenging to awaken their Destiny Guidebooks than ordinary Beast Masters.

This also explains why Fang Mu only managed to awaken his Destiny Guidebook when he was sixteen.

It turns out that it wasnt because he didnt have the golden finger as a transmigrator.

It was just that his golden finger as a transmigrator hadnt matured until now.

Having two Destiny Guardian Beasts lets Fang Mu control two innate divine powers.

Fang Mu turned his gaze to the data displayed about the figure that resembled him.

[Beast Name]: Fools Shadow

[Beast Species]: ???

[Beast Level]: Bronze (1


[Beast Element]: ???

[Beast Potential]: ???

[Beast Quality]: Ordinary


[Breath Convergence]: Can autonomously shield own spiritual power fluctuations when passive, can completely conceal own aura and make self undetectable when active.

Innate Divine Ability:

[Eye of Omniscience]: When the life level of the target does not exceed oneself, and the rank is not more than five steps higher than oneself, it can digitize the targets status and conduct investigations.

After looking at the data of his first Destiny Guardian Beast for a while, Fang Mu exhaled deeply to release the stale air in his lungs.

Then he took a deep cold breath.

Fang Mu now realized why he could see the data of the Twinkling Bell Orchid in the school infirmary.

It turned out that it was because of the innate divine ability, Eye of Omniscience, of his Destiny Guardian Beast, the Fools Shadow.

The ability that the Eye of Omniscience, this innate divine ability, gives to Fang Mu.

It could not only help Fang Mu make progress as a Creator.

In outdoor exploration, battles, and even evaluating things, it would be of great help.

The Bronze Level skill [Breath Convergence] was also a very useful one.

With [Breath Convergence], Fang Mu could effectively hide his Beast Master identity.

When activated, he could conceal his breath, hiding from strong enemies, and even transforming into an invisible assassin.

The only regret was that Fang Mu could only use this ability on himself.

He had been examining his first Destiny Guardian Beast, the Fools Shadow, for quite some time.

A doubt rose in Fang Mus mind.

He remembered that when he was examining the Twinkling Bell Orchid, its species, element, and potential were all displayed.

However, in the case of the Fools Shadow, all three items were marked with question marks.

Could it be that the Fools Shadow itself did not know what it was?

Fang Mu didnt dwell on this much.

Perhaps after his own strength increased, he might be able to see through the data represented by these question marks.

Fang Mu quickly shifted his focus to his second Destiny Guardian Beast.

[Beast Name]: Blood of Abundance

[Beast Species]: ???

[Beast Level]: Bronze (1


[Beast Element]: ???

[Beast Potential]: ???

[Beast Quality]: Standard Quality


[Blood Aged Wine]: Places his own blood into abundance, once brewed by abundance, his blood has the ability to guide the evolution of life. The effect of the evolution depends on the amount of blood consumed.

Innate Divine Ability:

[Covenant Blood Essence]: Infuses a large amount of Blood Aged Wine and his own heartblood into Abundance. Once the Blood Aged Wine and Heartblood reach the requirement, a drop of Contract Blood will be brewed. Contract Blood can replace spiritual power to make a contract with life and cause life to leap towards a positive level.

Fang Mu discovered that his second Destiny Guardian Beast, the Dry Well, was named Blood of Abundance.

Just hearing its name seemed to be filled with a weird aura.

Just like the Fools Shadow, Fang Mus second Destiny Guardian Beast, Blood of Abundance, also displayed question marks for its species, element, and potential under the Eye of Omniscience.

When Fang Mu checked the Bronze Level skill of the Blood of Abundance, he was immediately stunned by the skill called Blood Aged Wine.

Upon pondering over the introduction of the Blood Aged Wine skill,

Fang Mu felt as if he had become a Creator by virtue of the ability of his Destiny Guardian Beast, Blood of Abundance.

He just needed to offer his own blood and pour it into the Abundance.

After the Abundance brewed, it could promote the evolution of the Guardian Beast.

This ability was very similar to the power of the legendary Master Creator and the Grandmaster Creator to help the beasts evolve.UppTodatd frm n






Since the effect of the evolution depends on the amount of blood used.

As long as Fang Mu uses Blood of Abundance to brew enough Blood Aged Wine with his blood,

Even the evolution of high-level Guardian Beasts might be possible.

With such ability, once Fang Mu displays it, people will certainly regard him as a Master Creator or even a Grandmaster Creator.

Fang Mu has always been working toward the goal of becoming a Makers Assistant.

The sudden awakening of his Destiny Guidebook today finally gave Fang Mu a chance to aim to become a Creator.

However, as soon as Fang Mu set the goal of becoming a Creator, he already had the ability to become one.

This left Fang Mu feeling somewhat complex for a while.

Fang Mu knew that his destiny had changed at this moment.

Now, Fang Mu had the ability to give back to his big sister, second brother, and third sister.

Fang Mu didnt immediately check the innate divine ability of his Destiny Guardian Beast, Blood of Abundance.

Instead, from his Destiny Guidebook, he summoned the body of the Blood of Abundance.

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