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Fang Qin, the eldest sister, and Fang Yuan, the second brother, have always bought Fang Mu plenty of clothes.

Ever since Third Sister Fang Yan entered college and received a scholarship.

Fang Yan filled up the remaining space in Fang Mus closet to the brim.

But as Fang Mu, who was studying at Jinghai High School for Beast Masters, was very respectful of school rules,

He essentially wore the uniform of Jinghai High School for Beast Masters on weekdays.

And on weekends, whenever Fang Mu had any free time,

He would always go to read a book in the library of Jinghai High School for Beast Masters.

As a result, Fang Mu hardly had the opportunity to wear other clothes from his closet.

Seeing Fang Mu wearing the uniform of Jinghai High School for Beast Masters,

The uncle driving the Six-hoofed Yak Car ahead admired him and said,

Young man, are your regular school assignments very heavy?

I seem to remember that at this time, your school should be taking a practical combat class.

Fang Mu had set the final destination on his phone when he had called for the car.

Knowing that Fang Mu was going to Jinghai Citys Officially Built Spirit Material Mall,REad updated stries at n




And seeing Fang Mu wearing his school uniform,

The driver never doubted that Fang Mu was a Beastmaster.

If it was usual and the uncle asked him the same question, Fang Mu might feel a bit bitter inside.

However, now that he has awakened his Destiny Guidebook and obtained two Destiny Guardian Beasts,

Fang Mu no longer feels hurt when others bring up his past.

Since the ride on the Six-hoofed Yak Car would take at least forty minutes one way,

Fang Mu started a conversation with the middle-aged uncle in front of him.

As they conversed, the uncle behind the wheel lamented,

My daughter will take the middle school entrance exam next year.

I dont know if she can get into Jinghai High School for Beastmasters if she works a little harder.

Sighing, the middle-aged uncle suddenly remembered something.

He quickly said to Fang Mu,

This morning I took a fare to Dinghai Mall.

I saw several convoys parked at the entrance of Dinghai Mall.

I frequently come here, and for the past six months, I havent seen this many convoys buying goods!

There should be plenty of good things in Dinghai Mall.

Because his second brother, Fang Yuan, had joined the Ten Thousand Treasures Commerce and become the Golden Gloves of the Ten Thousand Treasures Commerce,

Fang Mu had learnt a lot of news from Fang Yuan about the supply channels.

There were so many goods to replenish in Dinghai Mall.

The first reason is that the Jinghai Army would sell the low-grade spiritual materials they had eliminated in Dinghai Mall.

The second is that the Jinghai Citys Adventurers Guild would cooperate with the official Dinghai Mall.

Adventurers can sell the resources they have collected in the Dinghai Mall.

Of course, adventurers will keep the really good items for themselves,

Only those they dont need are sold for money.

This ensures the quality of the goods sold in Dinghai Mall, but its difficult to find real treasures.

To buy real treasures, you need to exchange them at major trade unions and club guilds.

So even if Dinghai Mall has a large amount of new stock,

Fang Mu didnt have high expectations.

However, with the help of the Eye of Omniscience of his Destiny Guardian Beast, Fools Shadow,

This trip to Dinghai Mall might pick up something unexpected.

Every time the Jinghai Army and the Adventurers Guild replenish the resources in Dinghai Mall, the goods are very mixed.

Sometimes they may overlook something in the selection process.

Due to the limited knowledge of adventurers,

They could easily let real treasures enter Dinghai Mall without knowing it.

So Fang Mu wouldnt mind taking a closer look after selecting the spiritual materials he needed.

Fang Mus Dragon Rising Coins are limited.

If he can buy high-value goods with fewer Dragon Rising Coins, it would be like making a profit.

Fang Mus Blood-brewed Blood Aged Wine can help Guardian Beasts to evolve.

Fang Mu already has a plan on how to make money quickly.

If you want to get the rare Guardian beasts and spiritual materials,

Apart from going to major trade unions and club guilds to buy and exchange them,

You can also buy or sell valuable goods on the Beastmaster Web.

Fang Mu had once heard from his second brother, Fang Yuan.

Large businesses like the Ten Thousand Treasures Commerce would have people keeping an eye on the Beastmaster Web.

They used the Beastmaster Web as a channel to accumulate Guardian Beasts and spirit materials.

Fang Mu could use the Blood Aged Wine to cultivate some Guardian Beasts.

He could then trade the spirit materials produced by these beasts or the beasts themselves on the Beastmaster Web.

Behind the Beastmaster Web stood the entire Beastmaster Alliance.

During the transaction process, he could choose to transport supplies through the channels of the Beastmaster Alliance.

Even though there would be a 3% commission taken by the Beastmaster Alliance.

It could still guarantee 100% safety.

If there were any problems with the goods during transportation, the Beastmaster Alliance would provide full compensation.

This ensured the security and reliability of the transaction.

At the same time, he didnt have to worry about the risks of trading in person.

After figuring out how to make money, Fang Mu decided to keep only 500 Dragon Rising coins for emergencies, and blow the rest of the 73,429 Dragon Rising coins.

Because he had the Eye of Omniscience, natural divine powers from the Fools Shadow.

With all the data visible at a glance, it wouldnt take Fang Mu much time to spend this money in exchange for the supplies.

In the course of their conversation, the Six-hoofed Yak Car had already parked steadily in the parking lot outside of Dinghai Mall.

Dinghai Mall is the official shopping mall of Jinghai City.

Even though it was built on the outskirts of Jinghai City, the flow of people coming and going every day was still substantial.

Finding a good parking spot was not an easy task.

Before getting off, Fang Mu said to the driver who was comforting the Six-Hoof Dish Sheep.

Uncle, I may need about an hour inside.

I remember where we parked.

When I come out later, Ill come straight here to find you!

The driver liked this polite young man, who was about the same age as his daughter.

Looking at the entrance of Dinghai Mall about 200 meters ahead.

Thinking that Fang Mu would probably have to carry quite a few things when he came out.

The driver then said,

If youre coming out in an hour, I should be able to move up the parking lot a little bit.

Lets exchange phone numbers.

When youre ready to leave, give me a call.

Ill tell you my parking spot number.

Or I can simply pick you up directly at the main entrance.

When Fang Mu heard this, he thanked the driver.

He did not refuse the drivers kindness.

Then he took the initiative to exchange his mobile number with the driver.

Actually, Fang Mu had brought the Space Series spiritual instrument that his parents had left behind to Dinghai Mall this time.

Fang Mus parents were in the pet cultivation business.

Every pet cultivation base would have a necessity for a Space Series spiritual instrument.

Although what Fang Mus parents left behind was only a lower-bronze-grade Space Series spiritual instrument, known as the Mirror Turtle Pendant.

The Mirror Turtle Pendant still has about 10 square meters of space inside to store goods.

However, the exchange rate between the air in a lower-bronze-ranked Space Series spiritual instrument and the outside world is extremely slow.

So, live things cant be stored for long, or they will suffocate due to lack of oxygen.

Even though the lower-bronze-ranked Space Series spiritual instrument just has a simple storage function.

The price is indeed not cheap.

You need at least 200,000 Dragon Rising coins to buy it.

The high price of the Mirror Turtle Pendant is in part due to the rarity of the Space Series spiritual instruments.

On the other hand, its also due to the fact that spiritual instruments have to be forged by Spirit-smithing Masters, using a variety of precious spirit materials.

And the failure rate of the forging process is extremely high.

Although Spirit-smithing Masters are much more numerous than Creators.

However, Spirit-smithing Masters still represent a rare occupation among professionals.

Only those Beastmasters with a large amount of spare spiritual power can try to work in this occupation.

In conclusion, there would be only one or two Spirit-smithing Masters among a hundred thousand Beastmasters.

While Creators would likely be two or three in a million Beastmasters.

With the Bronze lower rank Space Series instrument Mirror Turtle Pendant, Fang Mu can put the goods he purchased in Dinghai Mall inside the Mirror Turtle Pendant.

There is no need to carry them around laboriously.

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