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I Refuse to Join The Hero's Party (BL)

I Refuse to Join The Hero's Party (BL)

I Refuse to Join The Hero's Party (BL)

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Siun (20) was working at his dull job at the convenience store like every normal day, but suddenly an armed robber broke into the store threatening Siun and a customer.

After a turn of events Siun kills himself and finds out that he had to make a choice

Tex : Choose, be reincarnated and help the Hero kill the Demon Lord or have your soul imprisoned and tortured for eternity?

Siun : Do I really have a choice?!

In the new world Siun finds out that this world is not as simple as it seems, people’s memories are getting messed up including his and also Tex’s and the real hero is nowhere to be found

Tex : The story has changed, your in big trouble host…

COVER NOTICE : I do not own the art for the cover I found it on Pinterest, I couldn’t find the artist, but if your the artist and would like me to not use your art tell me and I will remove the artwork*