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The feeling of sticking one's hand through a monster's flesh was very uncomfortable. That was something Kairos could definitely stand by.

rAfter all, his hand was going through one right now.

rKairos grit his teeth and reached out for the heart, then clenched with everything he had upon doing so. His fingers pushed against the walls of the heart, causing it to burst. The monster was in the middle of attempting to slash Kairos, but roared in pain right after.

rIt was originally aiming at Kairos' neck, but instead slashed into his arm.

rThe nails tore into his flesh, peeling it back and leaving a long scar across it. Kairos saw it coming, but there really was nothing he could do about it other than grit his teeth.

rNonetheless, the monster no longer had its heart and wouldn't survive for much longer.

rKairos attempted to pull his hand back out, but his wrist got caught in between the gap of the monster's rib cage. It was almost like shoving your hand into someone's chest wasn't a real fighting tactic or something.

rWith its last breath, the monster attempted to bite down on his neck. However, Kairos saw it coming and pushed against its forehead with the base of his palm. The monster kept lunging forth, trying to overpower him, but it just barely wasn't enough.

rThen, its struggle weakened before it stopped moving.

r[Killed Creature (Challenge Kill - One Rank Superior to Killer) - 0.3 points awarded]

rBy now, Kairos' eyes were completely bloodshot and the adrenaline nearly made his mind snap.

rHowever, it was still not over.

rSuddenly, another monster appeared from behind the corpse he was holding onto. It lunged forth, attempting to bite down on Kairos. However, using his future vision, he was able to react in time.

rThe base of his palm slammed against the monster's forehead, holding it back.

rThis was the very last one. Then he would've killed them all.

rHowever, he wasn't in a very good situation.

rCurrently, one of his hands was caught inside of a corpse and the other was holding off this monster's attempt at biting it. He was nearing his limit, unable to push the creature's head away for much longer.

rAnd if that wasn't bad enough, Kairos saw a claw coming straight for his face.

rFor just a split second, he felt hopeless.

rHe regretted his choice of ever coming here in the first place.

rHowever, as quick as those thoughts came, they were banished.

rKairos still hadn't gotten what he wanted out of life yet. He refused to die here.

rKairos stopped thinking and opened his mouth wide.

rThen bit down on the monster's neck.

rIt was as though he had become the monster, using such tactics. I mean, these monsters were biting all the time themselves, it was only fair that he got to use it as well.

rThough, that didn't mean it was exactly easy to.

rKairos' teeth dug into the monster's flesh, but it was incredibly hard to move it further. However, instead of doubting his decision to do so, he put his all into it.

rBy now, his mind hurt too much to think clearly.

rKairos could no longer tell the difference between his future vision and reality. The only thing he felt was a burning feeling from his soul, forcing him to move forward.

rOne that would never be satisfied.

rBlood poured down Kairos' throat, nearly choking him. It was uncomfortably warm and had a sharp metallic taste.

rNormally, he would find it disgusting. But instead, he pushed even harder because of what it represented.

rUntil eventually, a large chunk of flesh had been torn off the monster's neck.

rKairos had a wild look in his eyes along with the piece of flesh in his mouth.

rAs for the monster, it stood still.

rSuddenly, a powerful stream of blood shot out of its neck as the monster collapsed.

rThe flesh was disgusting, but Kairos was still biting down on it.

rLike it wasn't enough.

r[Killed Creature (Challenge Kill - One Rank Superior to Killer) - 0.3 points awarded]

r[Multi-kill (Type - Challenge) - 3.0 points awarded]

r[First Ten To Multi-kill - Challenge Type (Ninth - by ID: 345315364923) - 10 points awarded]

rAs those notifications flashed by his eyes, Kairos finally began to calm down. The wild look in his eyes quickly turned into a tired one.

rAnd at that moment, the freezer door burst open, with Nicole at the front.


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