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I See One Second Into The Future: Loner In The Apocalypse Understanding

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Nicole and her parents collectively gasped when they saw mana appear out of nowhere. As for Kairos, his lip twitched.

rHe couldn't help but wonder how someone was able to use mana already.

rNonetheless, there was no time to think about that now. There was an arrow to dodge.

rAnd so, he took off his glasses.

rKairos did slightly regret not putting more points into agility earlier, but there wasn't really a way of him knowing, so he dropped that thought.

rHe imagined that having four points in agility and being able to see the future should be enough to dodge, thus confidently stared at the arrow.

rWhile the man was still drawing his bow, Kairos suddenly felt an extremely strong pain in his head. Perhaps if he didn't increase his willpower, he would've directly blacked out. However, Kairos instinctively realized that the man had released his arrow, and that he didn't catch it.

rAnd so, he tilted his head to the side right when that pain came. The future vision of that disappeared along with the pain.

rHowever, right afterwards, it reappeared at the center of his chest.

rLike last time, he instinctively spun to the side.

rThen, the arrow shot forth.

rIt moved far faster than a bullet. To the human eye, there was basically no difference between its speed and the speed of light.

rWith a faint whipping sound, it shot towards where Kairos' head was, but suddenly curved downwards to his chest, then passed right by him.

rA thunderous bang rang out.

rThe arrow slammed against the ground, severely cracking the pavement and even scattering a few fragments into the air.

rRight after, the arrow disappeared, with only the aftermath as proof of its existence.

rCold sweat appeared on Kairos' back. Honestly, he really wasn't expecting it to be that fast. Even if his agility was several times higher, he wouldn't have been able to dodge it. The only reason he could was because of his future vision.

rThe man raised an eyebrow with clear interest.


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