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The blue mana arrow tore through the air, going straight for the giant monster's head.

rBoth Tori and Kairos had their weapons raised, and swung when they saw that arrow.

rA clear bang rang out.

rThe monster was hit hard on the head by the mana arrow, forcibly ripping off some of the flesh and revealing a cracked skull. It couldn't keep its balance, slamming its head against the aisle it was eating from.

rAt the same time, both Kairos and Tori swung towards the monster's ankle, both having the same idea.

rBoth of them pierced through easily, but Tori found it difficult to pull her blade out from the monster's thick flesh. While Tori's agility let her have strong piercing power, her lack of strength still hampered her in the end.

rThe monster pulled its head out from the aisle it just crashed into, then let out a thundering roar that shook the ground.

rKairos saw the monster suddenly whip around and hit Tori hard, immediately killing her. Originally he expected for her to use that strange move that let her turn into mist, but it seemed she could no longer do that for now.

rKairos decided to try and save her life. He was confident enough that if he felt strong amounts of pain he could stop himself in time, so that his life wasn't lost.

rAnd as such, in the span of one second, he pushed hard off the ground, grabbed Tori's arm, and pulled her out of the way.

rAlmost immediately after, the monster's hand slammed against the ground with a large crash, scattering shards of pavement everywhere. The katana was still stuck within the monster's ankle, however, Tori didn't care about that right now.

rHer eyes were wide open while her heart beat frantically.

rAfter all, she almost died just now.

rTori stuttered.


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