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I See One Second Into The Future: Loner In The Apocalypse Found You

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A couple meters out from the entrance to their base were countless bones strewn across the ground along with half-eaten bunnies. Standing in the middle, was a humanoid figure.

rThe reason calling it human wasn't exactly the correct term, was because of the current appearance. There was no skin or hair on that figure. The muscles were fully exposed, but most of them were partially gnawed through or ripped out altogether.

rThough they weren't in full view, there were multiple gaps where bone was visible. Overall, there wasn't much left. Though it was hard to see, there were organs on the floor opposite to the figure.

rAnd they were human organs.

rThough one could probably tell that it was human, so much of it was stripped away.

rAnd the only person that this could be, was naturally Sydney. It didn't immediately register to the people in the group, but by connecting the dots, they could come to this conclusion.

rShe was currently standing, facing away from the group.

rNicole slowly reached out.


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