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MILF Harem Of Legends

MILF Harem Of Legends

MILF Harem Of Legends

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Fate Grimsever was just your average filthy rich young master. When Fate was killed by Truck-kun while playing a video game called Final Countdown.

Fate could not believe the irony of dying to a video game. Well, he should have known better since Fate is an extremely paranoid and prepared individual.

Now Fate finds himself reincarnated into the novel world Blissful Paradise. Where he plays the mob character of the hated Duke Fate Grimsever.

Someone who shares the same name as Fate. In this world, the hero Nimrod Bloodsworn is surrounded by all kinds of green tea bitch heroines.

These heroines are simply cheap substitutes for the real discarded heroines. The author was not happy with how powerful he made them so they were discarded and disgraced like trash.

But these older discarded women are Fate's targets for his harem. Because Fate is the legendary MILF Hunter.

Someone who will soon surround himself with some extremely powerful but mentally unstable women.

But Fate would not have it any other way. Now Fate has decided to just sit back and relax as his new harem brings the world to the brink of destruction.

All for the man who healed them in mind, body, and soul. Well, maybe not so much the mind part. But that's just a minor detail.

Join Fate Grimsever And His Deranged MILF Harem Of Legends.