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Master of Amber No Regrets

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On the highest platform on Void Mountain's peak, the most forbidden area in the Void Empire stood a black-garbed man with rapt attention. With a gaze that penetrated anything that stood in its way.

High above the clouds, the sun hung on the space, flooding the land below in its warm glow, illuminating the world.

The man took deep breaths as he kept thinking about his current situation, light of unknown origins flickering inside of his eyes, unseen to everyone including himself.

A foul wind stirred, wreathing with endless howls of agony from the scattered ghosts on the void mountain's peak.

The wind picked up the man's elegant hair, revealing a demonic face behind it. His pair of spiral dragon horns on his forehead shined with a metallic luster, piercing towards the sky, sharp and imposing. His red pupils revealed dominance and indifference.

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