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The spring quietly rained down on Steam Village.

It was already late in the night, a slight breeze blowing with the light rain.

Steam Village was not covered in darkness, it was quite the opposite given the fact that each street had dozens of tiny lights that shone like a bright band.

To every visitor's surprise, the streets weren't the sole provider of light in this deep darkness of the night. Even the tall buildings of the village aided with Illuminating the streets.

Which led the visitors to see that touch of human civilization. A village accommodating thousands of people, yet lively and full of energy.

In the middle of Steam Village was a magnificent mansion. A boy at the age of 6 could be seen standing by an open window as he faced the night rain.

' So how do I go about this hmmm...' Yone was incredibly sensible as he was pondering. With this thought, things started to feel complicated. After thinking for an unknown amount of time, his brows wrinkled deeper.

A whole different world and new power system was a rather complicated thing to comprehend quickly enough. Don't mention those secrets, cultures, and all the various rules he had no idea about.

' The most important thing is cultivation. The current me has not even been allowed to touch the martial arts books my father keeps in his room, I still haven't stepped on the path to becoming a martial arts master yet. I'm just a mere mortal! I have to hurry and cultivate, catching up to this world's apex experts and seize everything to myself.'

Not to mention, his current situation was far from safe. At this point, he was literally walking into a wolf's den, courting death.

The problem in front of Yone right now was cultivation.

Nonetheless, that wasn't his sole problem.

His family itself was the biggest problem that's kept him a mortal till now.

He had to increase his level of foundation as fast as possible. If he were to not use his past experiences and move as slowly as he did in his past life, he would for sure not be able to attain Immortality.

He needed to be hundreds of steps in front of everyone, otherwise, he wouldn't be strong enough to compete and do as he pleased.

Yet again, for him to start doing all of this, he needed to start cultivating the power system of this world known as martial arts.

Unfortunately, his family which was supposedly noble and rich, was in fact quite poor and even in worse conditions than a peasant's household.

His family were fallen nobles who were stripped away from all of their rights to own any land anywhere. Furthermore, their future generations were forbidden from accessing any martial arts books until the age of 20.

Funnily enough, the starting age to practice martial arts in this world was seven.

This meant that Yone would be thirteen years behind everyone else. Essentially, whoever imposed this rule on his family wanted to cripple them permanently, ensuring they could never compete against them again.

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