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Mia is Not a Trouble-Maker! Chapter 12 - 12: Will Definitely Come Back

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Chapter 12: Will Definitely Come Back

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In the Miller residence, Jonathan and Old Master Miller were sitting on the sofa in the living room on the first floor. Their hair was messy and they exuded a dispirited aura. The previously luxurious villa was in a mess now. All the valuable things had been moved away.

Jonathans face was covered in stubble and he looked haggard. Old Madam Miller, who was at the side, cried and complained, Son, how dare you borrow from so many loan sharks? What should we do? Boohoo The day Jonathan was beaten and hospitalized, the Miller family went bankrupt. All their real estate was sealed by the bank, including this villa. How could they live?

Old Master Miller scolded angrily: Cry, cry, cry, all you do is cry! If you had known it would end up like this, why didnt you treat Amelia better in the past?

Old Madam Miller cried while retorting: All you do is scold me, but what about you? Youre Amelias grandfather, and Ive never seen you treat her well!

Jonathan was irritated by the noise. He shouted, Alright, shut up! He was already annoyed enough! The company went bankrupt overnight and the court intervened in the investigation. He might face jail time. He would be in jail for the rest of his life. Why were these people still arguing!

Both the old man and the old lady shut their mouths. The two of them were immensely regretful. If they treated Amelia better in the past, how would they fall to this point? They mightve been able to borrow the power of the Walton family and soar to the top!

At the thought of Amelia, the old lady of the Miller family gritted her teeth. That brat Amelia, after getting the backing of the Walton family, she doesnt want to come home, right? Ungrateful ingrate, they were her grandparents! Even if they made mistakes in the past, she should be understanding. Besides, they didnt do anything wrong, it was Amelia who pushed Rebecca down the stairs first, making Rebecca suffer a miscarriage. At such a young age, she was already able to commit such heinous acts, were they wrong to punish her?

At this time, Rebecca walked downstairs and said in a gentle voice, Mom, Dad, Honey, dont worry. Mia will definitely come back She held a doll in her hand, which was Mias kitten doll. Mom, Dad, dont worry. Mia left her doll at home. Shell come back for it.

Other people didnt know how important this kitten doll was to her, but Rebecca knew that it was the only thing her short-lived mother had left for her. That brat held it in her arms every day and didnt let it go even when she was receiving hard beatings. Rebecca still remembered that no matter how hard she hit her, she wouldnt cry. Later, she got angry and took the kitten doll and cut off its ear, and Amelia immediately began crying.

Jonathan looked at the tattered doll in Rebeccas hand and asked with a frown, Are you sure shell come back? He didnt quite believe it. What was there to miss about a tattered doll?

Rebecca smiled gently. Hubby, you usually dont have time to accompany Mia. Of course you wouldnt know that she likes this kitten doll. Her mother left it for her. Mia treasures it very much and wont let it leave her side for a moment.

Old Madam Miller thought for a second. That truly seemed to be the case, that brat Amelia hugged the doll everyday. She didnt even leave it when going to the bathroom. Thinking of this, she said with anticipation: Great, I hope she can come back! As long as she comes back, they would be able to turn the tables. A three year old child, all they needed was a little coaxing.

Rebecca lowered her eyes to hide her excitement. She was very sure that

Amelia would come back. Besides the kitten doll, she also had a very important

friend here, a parrot. Nobody knew which family had lost the parrot, but

Amelia arranged for it to stay in the woods behind the Miller familys villa.

Normally, no one could get close to the parrot, and the parrot would only appear when she went there. This was also why Rebecca was so sure Amelia would definitely come back. Someone else could come get the kitten doll, but only Amelia could bring the parrot away.

Rebecca leaned on Jonathans shoulder and said gently, I just sewed up the broken parts of the doll and washed it. Mia will definitely be happy when she comes back and sees it. CHCk for ew stries on no




Jonathan hugged Rebecca happily. Thank you for your hard work. Youre so kind. Ill make it up to you when our company makes a comeback.

Rebecca leaned into Jonathans arms and said fakely, I dont want any compensation. I just want to share your burden, Hubby..

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