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Mia is Not a Trouble-Maker! Chapter 14 - 14: Little Uncle Is Not an Idiot

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Chapter 14: Little Uncle Is Not an Idiot

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Old Madam Millers eyes flashed. Its here, its here, but its broken. Rebecca is handling it. Come in and sit for a while. Itll be done soon.

After Old Madam Miller finished speaking, George raised his head. A few bodyguards in black rushed in. Jonathan was so frightened that he covered his head with his hands. He thought that they were here to hit him! However, he realized that the bodyguards in black had passed him and entered the door. Jonathan was instantly embarrassed.

George sneered. President Miller, youre scared already? Then why didnt he know to be scared when he was beating Mia?

Jonathan felt a little embarrassed. He looked toward Amelia: Its my fault. Its all my fault. Mia, can we go in first? This is your home too

When Andrew was about to refuse, he realized that Amelia was pulling on his shirt: Little Uncle Amelia hesitantly looked at the backyard of the Miller residence. Her Seven was still in there, other people could not bring it out. Finndd the newst ovels on n



The Miller family thought that Amelia had softened, so they were delighted.

She was indeed a child, easily coaxed. No matter what, this was her home, how

could a child not return home and not want her father?

Come, come, come. In-laws, come in and take a seat. Old Master Miller and Old Madam Miller welcomed them warmly.

George looked at Amelia. Although he didnt know what she was going to do, he would go with her wherever she wanted to go. The members of the Walton family walked into the Miller familys house with cold faces. They frowned when they saw the shabby villa. To the members of the Walton family, the Miller familys villa was shabby and ragged. How could their Mia live in a villa like this?

The bodyguards quickly came downstairs and took down all the dolls in the villa. Amelia escaped from Andrews embrace and hugged one of the most tattered dolls. Her little face revealed her happiness. Little Kitty, Mia is here to pick you up, Mia would never abandon you.

She held the kitten doll tightly in her arms. In addition to the kitten, she also had a good friend, Seven. Thinking of this, she ran to the backyard in a hurry, but after a couple steps, she turned back around and held Andrews hand.

In the backyard, Rebecca hid in the small woods and waited patiently for Amelias arrival. Amelia knew that the parrot was afraid of people, so she would definitely sneak out herself to find the parrot. In a situation when nobody else was present, everything would be up to her. All she needed was to wait for Amelia to fall into her net.

Amelia entered the woods and cupped her hands around her mouth, shouting: Seven!

A birds cry came from the woods, and a colorful parrot flew out. It circled in the air but did not fly to Amelias side. Instead, it flapped its wings and flew further in.

Amelia made a shushing motion, and whispered in Andrews ear: Little Uncle, Seven is scared of you.

Andrew also lowered his voice. Mia, how about Little Uncle send someone to catch Seven? And well bring Seven back.

Amelia frowned: No. She looked around, afraid that Seven would hear. She lowered her voice again: Little Uncle, dont catch Seven. Seven is very obedient. He i s just a little shy.

The more Andrew looked at Amelia, the more he thought she was cute. He nodded and smiled: Okay.

Amelia pressed on Andrews shoulder and advised worriedly, Little Uncle, stand here and dont move. After that, she walked into the woods and called Sevens name again. Seven perched on a tree branch and shouted, Theres an idiot, Theres an idiot!

Amelia explained seriously: Seven, Little Uncle is not an idiot.

Seven shouted, Theres a bad guy, theres a bad guy!

Amelia: Little Uncle is not a bad guy either.

Andrew, who could hear Amelia and the parrots conversation outside:

For some reason, Seven refused to come down. Unknowingly, Amelia walked a little further. At this moment, a small noise came from the front and she looked in the direction, but met a pair of familiar eyes! Amelia shuddered, and wanted to run on reflex, but her arm was caught by Rebecca: Mia, youre finally back.

Amelia wanted to shout, but her mouth was covered by Rebecca. Rebecca smiled gently, speaking softly in Amelias ear: Mia, whats wrong? Why arent you happy to see Auntie? Rebecca didnt know that Andrew was outside the woods. She pinched Amelias face and turned it over. She put on a fake smile as she said: I dont like it when you treat me like an outsider, you know.

Regardless, Im technically your mother now..

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