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Mia is Not a Trouble-Maker! Chapter 15 - 15: Who Hit Her?

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Chapter 15: Who Hit Her?

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Amelia pulled Rebeccas hand away and turned to run. Rebecca was a little shocked, when had this brat become so strong? But no matter how strong she was, it didnt change the fact that Amelia was only three years old. She immediately caught Amelia again and covered her mouth: Mia, you killed the baby in my stomach. I didnt blame you, and I was still willing to play with you, but you treat me like this.

Amelia whimpered and shook her head. Rebecca smiled, her expression completely different from when she was about to hit Amelia in the past. She hunched over Amelias ear and said evilly: Mia, do you want to say that you didnt push me? But if you hadnt scared me that day when you suddenly appeared, how would I have fallen down the stairs? You have to take responsibility, okay? I dont have a baby now and Im so pitiful, so when your Uncles ask you, you have to tell them that it was you who pushed me down the stairs, okay?

Rebecca coaxed and tried to trick Amelia, thinking that for a three year old child, whatever an adult says would be true to them. However, Amelia pursed her lips and remained silent, her face full of resistance. She didnt push anyone and she wont admit to anything! Rebecca did not have much time to waste here, she slowly started to lose her patience. She hated this illegitimate child, Amelia. She was always mute, and didnt make a sound even when she was slapped. She didnt listen to what others said either, truly so annoying!

Rebeccas expression turned cold: Mia, youre really disobedient. Do you think

I wont hit you again? That day, there was no surveillance cameras and nobody saw. Whether she pushed her or not, the members of the Walton family would definitely listen to Amelia. She would never allow something like this to happen. She had to maintain her perfect image, and had to think of a way to gain the attention of her idol.

Rebecca recalled that she had once seen a news article. It said that after a kindergarten teacher beat up a child, he threatened the child that he had a long telescope. No matter what the child did or said, he could hear and see it. As a

result, the child really did not dare to tell his parents that he had been beaten

up by the teacher. Thinking of this, Rebeccas eyes flashed. Mia, Auntie wants to tell you that dont think that just because you have a few Uncles, they can protect you. I have magic and can find you at any time!

As soon as she said that, Amelia suddenly opened her mouth and bit Rebeccas palm! Rebecca exclaimed and subconsciously raised her hand to slap her face! When the slap was about to land on Amelias face, the red string on her wrist suddenly emitted a faint light and hit Rebeccas hand! Rebecca sneered. How dare she resist with her small arms and legs? However, the next second, Rebecca was sent flying and fell into the bushes!

At the same time, Andrew took a step forward and picked Amelia up. Amelia was dumbfounded, looking at her own hand, then at her Little Uncle. She was confused. She wasnt sure whether she had sent Rebecca flying or if her Little Uncle had kicked Rebecca. Andrew was also confused. Before, he didnt use that much strength, why was Rebecca sent flying? Was it him?

Andrew looked at Rebecca coldly. How dare you hit Mia? The hostility in his eyes spread, he walked forward with Amelia in his arms. Rebecca panicked. No, it shouldnt be like this, when did Andrew come? She waved her hands frantically: No, no, no, Mr. Walton, you misunderstood. How could I hit Mia? Im technically Mias mother

Andrews eyes turned cold, and he stepped on Rebeccas chest. Mias mother? Are you worthy? He pressed Amelia in his arms and covered her ears, not letting her hear or see the next scene.

Rebecca saw the ruthlessness in Andrews eyes and panicked. No, Mr. Walton Before she could finish speaking, she was stepped on by Andrew and her face was ruthlessly crushed to the ground.

Ah! Rebecca screamed. Her face was cut by a rock, and there were even stones embedded in her flesh. It was so painful! The parrot on the tree flapped its wings and flew over. It perched on a branch not far away and swayed its body as it shouted. Beat the dog, beat the dog, beat the bad guy, idiot, big idiot

Rebecca was in so much pain that tears were flowing down her face, but Andrew had no intention of letting her go. She suspected that her head would explode from Andrews stomp. Mr. Walton, please let me go. Let me go. I know my mistake Rebecca cried heart-wrenchingly.

Andrew coldly harrumphed and once again ruthlessly stepped on Rebeccas head. Only then did he let her go. He couldnt be too violent in front of a child.. He would endure it!

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