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Mia is Not a Trouble-Maker! Chapter 16 - 16: If You Can Do It, You Go Do It

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Chapter 16: If You Can Do It, You Go Do It

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Scram! Andrew said coldly. One side of Rebeccas face was covered in blood. She didnt dare to make a sound. as covered her face and ran away. Rebecca, who had run back to her room, only felt a burning pain on her face. The stones were still embedded in her face. She endured the pain and dug them out. Her tears were flowing. Was this Andrew considered a man? He actually hit a woman so hard.

Hiss Her face hurt at the slightest touch. Rebecca looked at herself in the mirror and saw that her nose was crooked. She was in tears and couldnt stop cursing in her heart. She originally thought that Amelia was young, if she threatened her, she wouldnt dare to say anything. After all, this had been the case in the past. However, that method didnt work today, and she was beaten by Andrew!

Rebecca carefully touched her nose. A light touch caused a heart-wrenching pain. She completely broke down. My face, my face The face she had always been proud of was ruined just like that! She originally thought that it would not be a problem for her to rely on her beauty to hook up with another rich man after leaving Jonathan, but now her face was ruined!

Ah! Rebecca was so angry that she smashed the mirror. She was unwilling to resign to this fate!

On the other side, after driving Rebecca away, Andrew accompanied Amelia to coax the parrot. Andrew was very tired. He couldnt catch or scare the parrot, so he could only coax it. However, the parrot wasnt a human, so how could he coax it?

Seven, come down quickly. Ill give you meat to eat? Andrew waved at Seven awkwardly. Seven stared at Andrew and shook his head like a hooligan. Wont eat meat, eat meat fat, youre fat!

Andrew: He took a deep breath and decided to use his trump card. Lets go, Mia. Lets go. We dont want Seven anymore!

Amelia didnt know that it was Andrews trick and thought that he really didnt care about Seven anymore. She hurriedly grabbed his clothes and begged, Little Uncle, dont, dont leave Seven Her eyes were filled with tears, but she didnt dare to cry. Finndd the newst ovels on n



Andrews heart trembled and he immediately regretted it. Im sorry, Mia. Its my fault. I shouldnt have said that. In a childs world, friends were very important and couldnt be abandoned casually. When Andrew realized this, he wished he could slap himself for speaking without thinking!

Amelia was struck dumb for a second. It was the first time that someone had apologized to her She suddenly smiled and stared at Andrew. She said understandingly: Its okay, Little Uncle. She had apologized to many people in the past, but no one told her that it was okay, so she forgave Andrew very quickly. She knew how sad it could feel to not receive an its okay. She didnt want Little Uncle to be sad.

After that, Andrew and Amelia continued to coax Seven. Seven, come down now. Little Uncle was lying to you just now. He i s not a bad guy, and he wont abandon you.

Andrew also said, Yes, Seven, Im sorry. Come down quickly. Lets go to the capital together. The manor in the capital is huge. You can even find a female parrot

Seeing that Amelia and Andrew had yet to return, the other members of the

Walton Family followed the traces to the backyard and saw the strange scene.

After they made sense of the situation, they understood that the reason Amelia insisted on returning to the Miller residence was to bring this parrot with her.

The parrot was a very ordinary budgerigar, a common parakeet. Its fur was bright green, and its eyes darted around as it sized them up, almost human-like.

Eric was the most irritable and impatient. Seriously, Andrew, are you good? You cant even handle a parrot.

Henry and Chris didnt say anything. Andrew had been coaxing the parrot for so long, but it didnt come down. This only meant that this parrot wasnt easy to deceive.

Sure enough, after hearing Erics words, Seven flapped his wings and shouted,

Andrew, old bastard, loves to eat poop!

Andrew: . . . This bastard parrot! He glanced at Eric and said gloomily, If you can do it, you go do it!

Eric laughed and raised his arm. Alright, watch me! After saying that, he cooed and patted his arm, indicating for the parrot to quickly fly to his arm.

Amelia opened her eyes wide. Ah, Fifth Uncle looks like a gorilla like this

The corner of Henrys mouth twitched. Chris crossed his arms, his eyes filled with disdain. Tsk, its just coaxing a parrot. You have no image at all. Youre so stupid.

Seven, who was on the tree, was also shouting, So stupid, so stupid!

The irritable Eric pointed at the parrot in exasperation.. Come, get down here! Lets duel!

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