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Mia is Not a Trouble-Maker! Chapter 17 - 17: Mia Is So Cute

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Chapter 17: Mia Is So Cute

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Seven perched on a tree branch and flapped his wings. No, no, dont even think about tricking me!

Henry: . . . Has this parrot become human?

Amelia covered her mouth and giggled. She looked at her fifth uncle, Eric, curiously. Although Fifth Uncle looked fierce, it seemed like he wasnt really that fierce Amelias eyes darted around and observed secretly. Little Uncle, Andrew and Third Uncle, Henry were more gentle, one was calm, the other was warm like the sun. Fourth Uncle Chris looked refined, but gives off a feeling of an antagonist. Fifth Uncle Eric was like a fire-breathing dragon, a bomb that would set off with one touch. So these were Mommys older brothers. Amelia felt herself liking these uncles, they were different from Daddy and Grandpa and Grandma.

All of a sudden, her eyes met Chriss, and she turned around at once, pretending that nothing had happened.

Chris curled his lips. Mia was too timid. He looked at Eric and said, Fifth Brother, dont waste your energy. Only Mia can coax this parrot down.

Eric was baffled. How do you know?

Chris snorted. Is your brain just for show? Cant you use your brain to think about it?

Eric was about to lose his temper when Henry stopped him. Eric, Chris is right. Lets all step back.

Andrew put Amelia down and retreated with his brothers. Amelia hugged the kitten doll and raised her head, looking at the parrot: Seven, come down. Were leaving now. My uncles arent bad guys.

Chris and the others looked at Amelia, who was waving her small hands and calling towards the parrot cutely. They had never seen her cute side like this before. Sure enough, in front of her friends, Mia was different from when she was in front of adults. Findd ew updts on n




A rough man Erics heart was about to melt. Cute. Mia was so cute, just like his sister when she was young!

The parrot tilted its head and looked at Amelia, seeming to have been persuaded. It flapped its wings and flew towards her. When it was about to land on her shoulder, Old Madam Millers voice suddenly came from behind.

Aiya, so you guys are here.

The parrot was startled. It turned around and flew back to the tree branch.

lhe Walton brothers:

Amelia pursed her lips, and her relaxed nerves instantly tensed up. She subconsciously hid beside Andrew. Old Madam Miller didnt realize that she had ruined everything, and said with a smile, Youre all here? Are you trying to catch this parrot? You dont have to do anything. Just let us do it. Ill call someone to catch it.

Seeing that the Walton familys attitude towards them was cold, Old Madam Miller wanted to please them. However, this parrot was just an ordinary budgerigar. Its breed was common and not very high-class. As Old Madam Miller spoke, she took out her phone and really wanted to cal]. someone to catch the parrot.

Eric said irritably, Dont meddle in other peoples business. Get lost!

Old Madam Miller was so frightened that her hand trembled and her phone almost fell. Oh my, how could there be such a rude person? He didnt know how to respect the old and cherish the young at all. The commotion here also attracted Old Master Walton, George, and the others. Old Master Miller and Jonathan followed behind like dog skin plaster.

After Old Master Miller and Jonathan found out that the Walton family wanted to catch the parrot, they said directly, This parrot is very smart. Ordinary people cant catch it. Leave it to us!

Jonathan also said, Thats right. We cant be too polite to this parrot. We can find a birdcage to catch it. Theres also a special anesthetic needle that can be used to shoot it down.

The parrot seemed to understand what they said, so it flapped its wings and flew further away. Amelia became anxious: Dont hit Seven, Seven is very

obedient. 2

Andrew said coldly, Didnt you hear that? We dont need your help here. Please leave.

While they were talking, Jonathan had already made the call. He had a smile on his face. What does a child like Mia know? She misunderstood. Were not beating this parrot to death. We want to anesthetize it The Miller family was like dog skin plaster. They couldnt understand human language and even acted on their own.

George did not waste time with them. He raised his hand, and seven or eight bodyguards in black immediately rushed up and dragged the Miller family out.

President Walton asked you to leave. Dont you understand human language? You want to join in the fun everywhere. Arent you annoying? The bodyguards in black cursed softly as they dragged them out of the villa..

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