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Mia is Not a Trouble-Maker! Chapter 20 - 20: Go Home with Mommy

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Chapter 20: Go Home with Mommy

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Old Madam Miller hurriedly made a call, only to realize that they had not paid the phone bills and had no service. Then, she belatedly remembered that their Miller family did not have the money to go to the hospital for treatment now

Just as Old Madam Miller was at a loss for what to do, a group of people suddenly rushed in from outside. Aiyo, everyone is here? When are you going to repay the 80 million dollars you owe us? These people exposed their identities the moment they opened their mouths. They were from a debt collection company.

What are you doing? What do you want? Old Madam Miller was furious, and Old Master Miller also berated, Stop. Do you know who we are? Were the in-laws of the Walton family in Buffalo!

Unfortunately, the people from the debt collection company were not stupid. They looked in the direction where the Walton familys Maybach motorcade left and laughed. Aiya, in-laws? What a big name. Do you think the Walton family cares about you?

Old Master Millers face turned red. The people from the debt collection

company were all hooligans. They were unreasonable and would not refrain

from hitting you just because you were elderly. They only wanted money! With

a slap, Old Madam Miller and Old Master Miller were immediately slapped and

pressed to the ground. They cursed and countless punches and kicks landed on them. Not long after, Old Master Miller and Old Madam Millers faces were also swollen and they cried out.

The Miller family was humiliated in front of so many people, and they had a mental breakdown. In the end, they were even thrown out of the villa. At the same time, Rebecca was also thrown out. The onlookers couldnt help but whisper, Have you heard? Amelia is the granddaughter of the Walton family in the capital! The Miller family will regret it now. If it were me, I would also vomit blood! I

Its the Miller familys retribution! One time, I saw Amelia standing under the sun. I asked her a few questions and found out that she was punished to stand there. I tried to persuade them out of goodwill, but Old Madam Miller scolded me. Didnt that old woman always say that Amelia was a jinx? Great, its their retribution! Who told them to abuse a child!

Everyone was gloating as they watched the commotion. The Miller family was about to write the word regret on their faces. They really deserved it! Jonathan kept coughing, as if he wanted to cough his lungs out. His ears were buzzing. Rebecca cried from the side, Hubby, are you alright?

Old Madam Miller held back her anger and scolded Rebecca angrily, Why are you crying? Why didnt you come out earlier? Findd new tories on nov


Rebecca choked as she replied, I just saw Mia. I wanted to go over and beg her to forgive the Miller family on account of your old age, but Mia refused

Old Madam Miller was furious. She blamed Amelia for everything that had happened today. At least they had raised that wretched girl for three years, but she didnt know how to be grateful at all! She was just like her mother, an ingrate! Amelia had jinxed her own mother to death and caused the Miller family to go bankrupt. She was really a jinx! The more Old Madam Miller thought about it, the angrier she got. If she refuses, so be it. Who cares about a jinx?

Although Old Madam Miller said that she didnt care, she knew that right now, they would beg for Amelia to hurry back! But Amelia would not return, and Old Madam Miller could only curse in her heart, cursing everyone in the Walton family to have bad luck!

In the back seat of the Maybach, George tapped on the phone screen and sent a message. Get rid of the Miller family.

The other party replied, Kill?

George sneered. Kill them? Impossible. He would not bear the crime of murder because of those trash. Even if the Walton family wanted revenge, they had to be innocent. He lowered his head and typed, Make them wish they were dead.

Amelia sat in the car quietly, one arm hugging her kitten doll and another arm hugging the parrot. Old Master Walton softened his tone and tried to make his expression as kind as possible. Mia, were going home.

Andrew also said, Our house is in the capital. Its a little far from here. We have to take a plane back later.

Amelia nodded her head obediently. She was very quiet, the liveliness she had when she was coaxing the parrot was gone. However, it was already much better than the beginning. Old Master Waltons heart ached, the more obedient Amelia was, the more his heart ached. Only after living in a terrifying? environment would a child be this strangely quiet. What had their Mia suffered to become like this?

Going home, our home, were bringing Mia home, Old Master Walton murmured.. Suddenly, Mia turned her head and asked: Grandpa, can we take Mommy home with us?

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