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Mia is Not a Trouble-Maker! Chapter 21 - 21: Seeing Mommy

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Chapter 21: Seeing Mommy

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Old Master Walton nodded, his heart clencing: Sure, well go home with mommy.

The Walton family booked a private plane. Amelia looked at the sky outside the plane. The clouds seemed to be right next to her, so she moved her head to take a closer look, then put down the kitten doll and leaned against the window to look outside.

Henry smiled gently. Mia, what are you looking at?

Amelia turned her head: Third Uncle, are we flying now?

Henry nodded: Mm. Their Mia had never even been on a plane before just as Henry was feeling heartache, Amelia suddenly asked: Then is Mommy here

Henry and Andrew, who were sitting closer, were stunned. What?

Amelia turned ahead to look at the sky outside again, saying softly: They all said that Mommy died and went to the sky. Im also in the sky right now, so can I see Mommy? She looked out the window with her back facing everyone. Tears were welling up in her eyes. She knew that it was all lies made up to trick children. Mommy wouldnt be in the sky, but she still couldnt help but have anticipation. She really wanted to see Mommy again.

Old Master Waltons eyes immediately reddened, and the brothers of the Walton family were all silent. Andrew held Amelia in his arms and said in a low voice, Mia, go to sleep. After you fall asleep, youll see your mother in your dreams.

Amelia closed her eyes in Andrews arms, but tears fell from the corners of her eyes. Little Uncle was also lying. She slept many times, but she didnt see her mommy once. She fell asleep unknowingly, and the red rope on her wrist gave out a faint light. In her dream, she felt warm all over again, as if the sun was shining on her body. Her body was light as if she was about to fly, surrounded by white clouds. She carefully touched it and slowly put it into her mouth. Her eyes lit up. It was sweet! FiNd pdtes on n()


At this moment, a gentle and familiar voice came from behind her. Mia I Amelias eyes widened and immediately turned around. She saw her mother standing not too far away from her, watching her with tears in her eyes. Mommy! Amelia rushed over, hugging her mother tightly.

Helena touched Amelias little head gently. Mia, be good. Your Grandpa and your uncles will be your family from now on. You have to live well and happily,

Amelias tears fell: I know, I know, Mommy.

Helena added, Also, Grandmas health isnt very good. Mia has to be filial to

Grandma on behalf of Mommy, okay?

Amelia choked on her tears and nodded fiercely. I will, Mia will definitely take care of Grandma. Helena was about to say something, but her body glowed and slowly turned transparent, leaving only a few words: Mia, I love you. Ill always love you.

Mia, who was asleep, kept calling out to her mother, her little face full of tear streaks. At this moment, Old Master Walton and the other members of the Walton family gathered around her, and their eyes turned red. What they couldnt see was that there was another person by Amelias side. It was Elmer.

Elmer touched Amelias forehead and then touched the red string on her wrist.

After a while, Amelias face revealed a light smile. Elmer tsked and said softly: This time, Master doesnt owe your mother anything.

The plane soon landed at the capitals international airport. Seeing that Amelia was still asleep, Old Master Walton gave a look and Andrew bent down to pick her up and walked out slowly. Afraid of waking up Amelia, his movements were extra careful. At this moment, the parrot wearing an anklet suddenly shook its body and shouted, Child kidnapping! Child kidnapping! Amelia opened her eyes at once.

Everyone from the Walton family: They looked speechlessly at the brightly-feathered green parrot. Other parrots could say whatever they were taught, but their Mias parrot knew how to say everything!

Amelia opened her eyes in confusion. Her hair was a little messy, and she was holding a kitten doll in her arms, looking very cute. Andrew was closest in age to Helena, so they had the best relationship. Seeing Amelia like this, Andrew suddenly remembered Helenas childhood, and his heart softened. He rubbed

Amelias head and said, Sweetie, were in the capital now. Were going home..

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