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Mia is Not a Trouble-Maker! Chapter 23 - 23: Why Didn at You Leave

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Chapter 23: Why Didn t You Leave

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However, for some reason, every time Rebecca hooked up with a man, she would be discovered by the mans girlfriend or wife. Then, they would pull her hair and beat her up, causing her to lose her body but not obtain anything. This made Rebecca; who only knew how to use her body to achieve her goal, feel extremely disconcerted! If not for the fact that she had nowhere to go and was not used to relying on her own hands to live, she would not have followed the Miller family to this lousy place.

At this moment, Old Madam Miller saw a piece of news on her phone. It was a report about four Rolls-Royces at the Buffalo International Airport. In addition to the text, there was also a short video of Amelia being carried into the car by the Walton family. Old Madam Millers heart skipped a beat, and she couldnt breathe properly. Thats outrageous! That brat only knows how to enjoy life, but forgot about her grandparents. Shes really ungrateful and unfilial.

Old Madam Miller shouted and cursed. Rebecca hid in the dusty kitchen and secretly turned on her phone to take a look. In the video, there were eight dignified men wearing masks and striding forward. There were bodyguards around them, and the most eye-catching one was Amelia.

Rebecca stared at the four luxury cars and felt even more jealous. She felt that things were unfair. Who wouldve thought that after scheming for two years, when she would finally get the position of Mrs. Miller, things would end up like this. The woman she thought was a beggar was the daughter of the Walton family! If she had known earlier, she would not have gone against Helena back then. Instead, she would become good friends with her! T0ppp vl updates on n



The more Rebecca thought about it, the more regretful she felt. She hoped that Amelia wouldnt have a good time either. She pressed her phone screen and posted her own comment. I know this girl. Shes the new daughter that the Walton family found. This girls heart is evil. She pushed her stepmother down the stairs and caused her to have a miscarriage because she thought that her family wouldnt love her after she gave birth to the baby! Her stepmother barely survived in the hospital, but the culprit suddenly became the daughter of the Walton family and was taken back to the capital by four luxury cars! Is this the life of a rich person? She can do whatever she wants with money and doesnt need to be responsible for her mistakes?

Rebecca did not dare to be too reckless. She only copied and pasted her words to the comments section of every news article and prepared to spread the news Just as she posted the comment, she suddenly heard someone outside say, The police are here. Take Jonathan away quickly. Then, Rebecca was pushed into Jonathans room. Jonathan was flustered. When he saw Rebecca dawdling, he slapped her face. Hurry up and help me leave!

Rebecca endured the pain and helped Jonathan escape from the back of the kitchen. The roads in the countryside were muddy, and there were chicken feces, cow feces, and the like. At this moment, Jonathan and Rebecca could not care less about being disgusted. They hurriedly fled outside in a sorry state. The two of them hid in the fields. When they heard that their hometown in the countryside had been sealed off by the police, they began to escape up the mountain again. They did not dare to return even when it was dark.

The mountain was very cold at night. It was so cold that one shivered. Jonathan looked at Rebecca beside him and said gratefully, Honey, youre the best to be. Youve always been by my side.

Rebecca smiled gently. It was not that she was a good person, nor was it that she was loyal. She was just thinking about her future. She had already married someone. If she wanted to marry into a rich family in the future, she had to have some outstanding trait. For example, she was so loyal that even when her ex-husband went bankrupt, she never thought of leaving him. This was the image she wanted to build, the real reason why she did not leave Jonathan. A woman who was this loyal but was abused by her husband, this would attract the sympathy and pity of other men

The Walton familys manor occupied an area of 8,000 square meters. It was one of the largest manors in the capital. The brothers of the Walton family each had their own careers, but they had never split up. Compared to other wealthy families who fought for the family assets, the Walton family was the most united. In the past, the Walton family was happy and harmonious, but ever since Helena disappeared, the entire manor fell into an indescribable atmosphere. George worked hard every day and rarely went home. The other brothers of the Walton family were also busy with their own things. Old Master Walton went to the sanatorium every day to accompany Old Madam Walton and only returned at night.

Thus, this was the first time in many years, aside from holidays that all eight brothers of the Walton family were here at once. The eight brothers of the

Walton family all wanted to take Mia around for a walk, but was stopped by Old Master Su: Mia just got discharged from the hospital, so she cant go anywhere.

She needs a good rest..

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