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Mia is Not a Trouble-Maker! Chapter 25 - 25: I Hate You

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Chapter 25: I Hate You

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Emma ran all the way back to her room and slammed the door. At this moment, her childrens watch rang, and the word Grandma appeared on it.

Hello, Grandma? Emmas tone was a little unhappy. Her grandmother asked, Who provoked our little princess? Why is the little princess unhappy? Emma pouted and said, Mom asked me to give the doll to my little sister. I dont want to give it to her.

On the other end of the phone, an old woman with her hair in an exquisite updo thought for a moment and asked, Is it your new little sister? The news of Amelia being abused by her biological father and Old Master Walton and the brothers of the Walton family visiting Bradford City had spread.

Thats right. Emma nodded. She looked at the two dolls in her hand and played with them lovingly. She knew what her mother meant, but she liked these two dolls very much and didnt want to give either of them away. At this moment, her grandmother suddenly said on the phone, Emma, you have a new sister in your family. Youre no longer the only little princess. Your grandparents and your uncles wont treat you well.

Emma was young and immediately retorted, Grandma, youre talking nonsense!

How are Grandmas words nonsense? In the past, you were the only girl in your family, but now theres one more. Look, your mother is asking you to share the doll with your new sister. They all love that new sister and dont love you anymore, Grandma said over the phone. These words made Emma cry from anger. She hung up the phone with a clang and grabbed the doll and smashed it on the ground. She stepped on it wildly. She wont give it! She just wont! She would rather break the doll than give it to her new sister!

Outside, Amelia mustered her courage and knocked on Emmas door. She waited for a long time before her brother and sisters finally came home, but her sister went back to her room as soon as she got home. Amelia wanted to give her gift to her sister. It was a picture she drew herself. There was a beautiful rainbow on it, and there were children holding hands and playing under the rainbow.

Sister? Amelia called out hesitantly.

Emma suddenly opened the door and threw the broken doll at Amelia fiercely.

Go away, you annoying person!

Amelias hands froze. She silently retracted the picture in her hand.

Old Master Walton suppressed his anger and stood outside the door to educate her. Emma, Mia gave you a gift because she wanted to be friends with you. Its wrong of you to push her. He looked at the broken doll on the ground and frowned. His second son, Dylans youngest daughter, was especially delicate. Every time they said something harsh, she would cry.

As expected, as soon as Old Master Walton finished speaking, Emma immediately cried. I dont want to, I dont want to!

Amelia mustered up her courage on the side and gave the picture to Emma: Sister, dont cry, this is a gift from Mia

Emma looked at the picture in Amelias hand and pushed her away. I dont want your stupid thing! Get lost! I hate you!

Dylans wife, Sarah Wilson, heard the commotion and came down. She quickly said, Emma, dont lose your temper. After saying that, she looked at Old Master Walton. Dad, Emma is still young

Old Master Walton reprimanded, Do you not need to discipline her at such a young age? The younger she is, the more you should educate her! How do you usually teach your children? Shes already so rude and unreasonable at such a young age. What will happen when she grows up? Can you still protect her forever?

Sarah lowered her head. I understand, Dad.

Old Master Walton held Amelias hand and walked away angrily. Seeing that her grandpa ignored her, Emma cried even harder. She ran into her room and smashed everything. Sarah was also upset. She felt that Old Master Waltons words were too harsh. She would teach her own child, what right did others have to point fingers? Even if Old Master Walton was Emmas grandfather, he couldnt do that!CHCk for ew stries on no




Although Old Master Walton and Old Madam Walton treated Sarah very well, respected her, and wouldnt interfere in her family matters, Sarah felt that she had done a good job on her end as well. She was filial to Old Master Walton and Old Madam Walton, serving them tea and water. She even spent time buying gifts for them during the holidays. There shouldnt be a better daughter-in-law than her, right? She was just a little persistent in the aspect of raising her children. There was a saying that you should train your sons and pamper your daughters. What was wrong with her wanting to give her daughter the best? Emma was the daughter of the Walton family. She could live well even without working in the future, so she didnt have to worry about how to live in society in the future. It was always others who had to be careful around her.

Sarah walked into the room and coaxed Emma nicely, Emma, baby, be good. Dont cry anymore.

Seeing that someone was coaxing her, Emma cried even harder. No, I wont! I wont!

Sarah: Okay, okay, okay

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