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Mia is Not a Trouble-Maker! Chapter 6 - 6: Awake!

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George had already investigated the Miller familys situation. He said coldly, The Miller familys company has been found to be suspected of smuggling. All import and export channels have been blocked, and the companys accounts cant be turned over. Theyve been trying to get us to help them.

Old Master Walton sneered. Help them? Its already good enough that I dont kill them with a single slash! He wished he could tear the Miller family into pieces now!

George said, Dont worry, the Miller family will be finished soon.

After finalizing the Miller familys outcome with a few words, Old Master Walton pursed his lips. After a moment of silence, he finally asked, What about Helena? How did Helena

George remained silent. The capital was 2,000 kilometers away from Bradford City. Four years ago, Helena came to Bradford City from the capital and was brought home by Jonathan. Then, she got pregnant and had a child. Helenas health wasnt good to begin with, so she almost didnt survive when she gave birth. Perhaps it was because she was attached to the child, Helena held on for another two years. After she died of illness, Amelia was left alone. Their precious sister died in a foreign city just like that. She didnt even have an official status before she died.

George clenched his fists tightly. The angrier he was, the colder his expression became. When Old Master Walton saw this, he suddenly did not dare to ask anymore. He was afraid that he would not be able to take it.

Andrew also changed the topic. Then why did the Miller family hit Mia?

George said coldly, Because Jonathans current wife, Rebecca, fell down the stairs and caused a miscarriage. They think that Mia pushed Rebecca down the stairs.

The Walton family frowned subtly. Just as they were talking, someone reported that the Miller family had arrived. Georges assistant walked to Georges side and said in a low voice, President Walton, the Miller family said that they want to come see Miss Amelia

George smiled coldly. Here to see Mia? Get someone to turn off all the heaters on this floor. Open all the windows and ask the Miller family to wait.

Jonathan, Old Master Miller, and Old Madam Miller waited in the corridor outside for a long time. The VIP ward on the top floor was locked, and they could not enter with their status. Georges assistant only said to wait and then disappeared.

Old Madam Millers hands and feet were cold from the cold. She rubbed her hands and complained, What right does the Walton family have to prevent us from entering? No matter what, Amelia is still my granddaughter. How can a biological grandfather and grandmother be stopped outside the door when they want to see their granddaughter?

Jonathan was also annoyed. Lets wait for a while. He knew that the Walton family was mad, after all, he had accidentally hit Amelia. Although he didnt do it on purpose, it was normal for the Walton family to be angry. If they wanted the Walton familys help, they had to at least let the Walton family vent their anger.

But as they waited, the Miller family quickly felt that something was wrong. Why was it getting colder and colder? The place they were at was by the window. The wind was blowing, and they were shivering from the cold.

What kind of place is this? Is there no heating in the hospital? The pampered Old Madam Miller finally could not take it anymore. Old Master Miller also frowned and said, Jonathan, go find someone to ask whats going on.

Even if the Walton family was angry, they could just wait for a while. It had already been half an hour and they still hadnt come out. Jonathan got someone to ask around, but those people said that they didnt know what was going on. The Miller family could only continue to tremble in the cold corridor. The Walton family refused to see them. He didnt know how long they would have to wait.

In the end, it was Old Madam Miller who could not take it anymore. Wait here. Ill go and see Rebecca. Rebecca was also recuperating in this hospital, but she was not in this building. She was in the gynecology department next door.

Old Master Miller and Jonathan were also cold, but they did not dare to leave. They could only endure it. They complained endlessly in their hearts, but they did not know that this was only the beginning. ViiSiit nvelb


/()m for ltest vels

The sound of beeping machines passed into Amelias ears, and she could vaguely hear the sound of speaking. Amidst all the voices, one was very clear: Mia, Mia, Mia, Mia, wake up. If you dont wake up, Ill

That voice kept ringing, and Amelia felt that a swarm of bees was buzzy in her ears. It was so noisy, whose voice was this, so annoying

Amelias eyelashes trembled and she finally opened her eyes. What came into view was a white wall and a circle of strangers standing around her. Amelia carefully pursed her lips.

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