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Mia is Not a Trouble-Maker! Chapter 9 - 9: Called Him Grandpa!

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Chapter 9: Called Him Grandpa!

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George scoffed. He loosened his tie and raised his hand to make a stop gesture. The Walton brothers immediately stopped. Eric held the steel bar and narrowed his eyes.

When Jonathan felt them stop, he thought that his threat had worked.

However, in the next second, a steel bar smashed viciously into his calf!

Ah! Jonathans screams echoed in the underground parking lot. REad updated stries at n




Jonathan was hospitalized. Before he could walk out of the hospital, he was carried back on a stretcher. His entire body was covered in injuries. The most infuriating thing was that he did not know who did it. He could not find any information! Not only did the other party not leave any evidence behind, but they also made Jonathan suffer such a huge loss. Jonathan was so angry that he almost vomited blood.

Rebecca was crying in front of Jonathans bed. Hubby, are you feeling better? Jonathan didnt open his eyes. If he opened his eyes, he would definitely see the perfunctory look in Rebeccas eyes. Rebecca was still wearing a hospital gown, and she looked very concerned, but she felt very uneasy. She also heard the news that Amelia, that illegitimate child, suddenly became the young miss of the Walton family! When Old Madam Miller told her about it yesterday, she had a bad premonition. Of course the miscarriage wasnt caused by Amelia, she fell down herself. The Miller family was in an economic crisis, and Jonathan was about to go bankrupt. He even borrowed a lot of money from loan sharks. Rebecca didnt want to be tied to the Miller family because of the baby in her stomach. She was so young and beautiful, so she could find someone richer than Jonathan, so she couldnt keep this child. It would be difficult for her to get married again if she had a child, so she had to abort the baby in her stomach. Hence, that was why there was the show of Amelia pushing her down.

Initially, Rebecca thought that Amelia was just a weed without a father and a mother, and the Miller family had never treated her well. When Jonathan was drunk, he even told Rebecca that Amelia was a disgrace to him and wanted her to die as soon as possible. Therefore, she using Amelias hand to help to abort the baby in her stomach had no risks at all. However, she didnt expect Amelia to have a relationship with the Walton family, which was one of the legendary four great families! Rebecca was scared, and she was afraid that what she did would be exposed. She had to think of a way to prevent Amelia from telling the truth

In the VIP ward, Amelia opened her eyes again, but there was no one in the ward. She lowered her eyes to hide the sadness in her eyes. So her uncles had left, and they didnt want her anymore? She felt insecure and curled up into a ball, her small face full of loneliness.

At this moment, the door of the ward creaked, and Andrew walked in lightly. Amelias eyes lit up again.

Old Master Walton felt that having too many people crowded in the hospital room would affect the air quality, so everyone went to the living room outside to rest. As a doctor, Andrew felt that Amelia should be waking up around this time, so he came in to check. When he saw Amelia with her eyes open on the bed looking at him, he smiled and said softly: Mia, are you feeling better now? Little Uncle prepared breakfast for you. Do you want to have a bite?

Amelia nodded.

Andrew immediately got someone to bring breakfast in. The Walton family members outside were also woken up by the commotion and surrounded them. Old Master Walton asked carefully, What does Mia want to eat? There are soup dumplings, custard buns, century egg lean meat porridge, and sweet and sour

pork ribs.

The impatient Eric barged in and said, These things are too light. Mia, do you want beef noodles? Beef noodles are super delicious!

Old Master Walton hit Erics calf with his walking stick and reprimanded, Beef noodles? Mia hasnt recovered yet, how can she eat beef noodles! After saying that, he picked up the century egg and lean meat porridge and handed it over. Mia, lets eat porridge first, okay? This porridge has been brewed for more than two hours. Its very delicious.

Henry picked up the custard bun at the side and smiled gently. Mia can eat the custard bun too. Its sweet.

Amelia looked around and for some reason, she felt like crying. Was this family? Did she really have family now? Amelia sniffed and said carefully: Grandpa I want porridge.

The old mans eyes reddened at once, because of Amelia calling him Grandpa, and because of Amelias careful attitude. He wiped his eyes and nodded quickly:

Okay, okay, okay, drink porridge, drink porridge..

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