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Gary had been sure that his mind had been made up to get out of the hall as fast as his legs would allow him. Heck, he had even seriously considered using Charging Heart to get out faster and he had been convinced that nothing would be able to change that, yet two things had just made a match against Xin extremely tempting.

r For one, there was the Quest that he had just received. As silly as the Quest description was, the reward was clear enough. If he could beat her, he would benefit from an instant Level Up.

r 'This system is full of surprises. The fight against that Steven guy had already granted me far more Exp than any other, but it had still been a flat amount, so why is it different now? The system seems to function similar to a game and they usually reward you based on the difficulty of a task, so is it saying that fighting against Xin would really be that much harder? But what about Steven, he was weaker than those other guys?'

r In all honesty, Gary didn't know if the system really worked like a game, so he could only look at the facts that he had in front of him. Beating Xin would result in him instantly reaching Level 4, meaning he would get yet another free stat point to use as he wished.

r However, the second reason, which if he was being honest, was far more enticing, was that beating her meant she would go out with him. That possibility alone, resulted in his mind going haywire once more.

r 'A date… **, I've never been on an actual date before! Where would we go? To the movies? Mini-golf? A restaurant? … but all those things cost money… Maybe I can just take her for a walk in the park. Yeah, that sounds good. There's a river there as well! If someone attacks us, like when I was with Blake, and she gets pushed into the river… and maybe she can't swim … then maybe I could, jump in and…and…'


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