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Club activities had ended for the day, and for the first time in a while, Tom and Gary had the chance to walk back together. The last couple of days, Gary had just rushed home, claiming he had something important to do. Tom had known that he had to be hiding something, but only recently did he find out that it was due to his part time job as a delivery person.

rThen the other day, Blake had gone home with him for some reason. Now it was just them two, and since they didn't exactly live in the same area, the time they would walk together would be short.

rTom was hoping to crack a few jokes about what had just happened, how his best friend had seemingly lost to the girl he had fallen for, but the whole way, since they had left the club room, Gary hadn't said a word.

rThe silence was killing Tom, and he just couldn't leave his best friend like this. Since they were about to enter one of the rougher areas, where Gary lived, they would part ways soon. If he wanted to say something, he would have to do it now.


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