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Ocular Archmage

Ocular Archmage

Ocular Archmage

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(The Information Eyes have been activated.)

After dying, a random guy from Earth has a weird talk with a guy who calls himself a secretary and agent in the afterlife. He warns him about the fact that he will reincarnate with his previous memories, but he will be disposed of if he doesn't follow the rules. At first, he thought that it was just a dream, but soon, he woke up as a newborn baby called Kaius.

Still, Kaius soon learns about his powers and the system that people like him have. As an Ocular Archmage, he can obtain different types of eyes and powers alongside them. However, he also soon learns that his new life won't be that easy...

According to the legends, that world was once a part of another. Some wars made a giant planet being split into seven. Currently, one was the mortal world. People called that because occasionally, people would obtain immortality, and then they would find the paths to the next world.

Thanks to that, the humans of Imperia want to obtain all the knowledge in the world to obtain immortality, and they have a very rigid system to achieve their goals. To create a strong army and powerful leaders, from the moment they are two years old, boys are sent to a controlled environment to grow stronger and show their valor.

While boys were prepared for combat and leadership roles within the military, girls followed a distinct path, one that emphasized intelligence, strategy, and subtlety. From a young age, girls are raised separately from boys, receiving specialized education that prepared them for many roles, mainly as strategists, spies, and even assassins.

Unlike the predetermined paths imposed upon boys, girls have the autonomy to choose their future professions based on their interests, talents, and ambitions. This freedom of choice is a testament to Imperia's recognition of the diverse skills and contributions of its female citizens.

Education played a central role in shaping the trajectory of these girls' lives. They had rigorous training in subjects ranging from politics and diplomacy to espionage and martial arts. This education equipped them with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complex webs of power and intrigue that characterized Imperia's society.

One significant aspect of this education is the emphasis on personal agency, particularly in matters of marriage. Girls were empowered to select their own partners. Their extensive education ensured that they were discerning in their choices, seeking out partners who demonstrated ambition, intelligence, and competence.

In some cases, this shared admiration for successful individuals can lead to unconventional arrangements, such as polygamous marriages. While such arrangements may raise eyebrows in other societies, in Imperia, they are accepted as a practical solution that allows multiple wives to share the resources and support provided by a high-ranking husband.

Thanks to that society, Kaius only saw his father twice before being sent to be trained in an unknown land, while his mother never paid any real attention to him. In that world, men have to earn their valor, but Kaius doesn't want to become a pawn in someone else's ambitions, so he is willing to turn that world upside down.