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Tang Weiwei, watched by Xu Xiuwen, kept her head lowered shyly.

But you could still see her rosy cheeks.

After singing the last verse, Xu Xiuwen played the guitar, and the melodious sound filled the stadium, immersing everyone in it.

At this time, whether inside or outside the venue, all eyes were on Tang Weiwei with envy.

They couldn't understand why a boy as outstanding as Xu Xiuwen fell in love with Tang Weiwei, an ordinary girl with no good looks.

Almost every girl dreams: It would be great if I were her. If a boy is willing to sing a love song for me in front of so many people, I will definitely give him my first kiss on the spot!

It just so happens that everyone can be a witness for me!

How romantic!

Unfortunately, they are not Tang Weiwei.

And Tang Weiwei couldn't do such a thing.

When the song ended, Xu Xiuwen stopped plucking the strings.

He instinctively raised his head, but his eyes met Shen Minyao's.

He looked away, pretending to be casual.

At this time, everyone inside and outside the basketball court was still immersed in the relaxed and cheerful mood of

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