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Souls Of Change

Souls Of Change

Souls Of Change

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In a world where advanced technology coexists with extraordinary abilities, Emmy Krane, once a promising footballer, finds himself thrust into a cosmic struggle beyond imagination. Here’s the tale of his journey:

Emmy’s life takes a dramatic turn when he unwittingly becomes entangled with a god, gaining a mysterious system that alters his destiny. From the glittering stadiums of a promising football star to the heart of an evil forest—the Black Eye Forest—Emmy battles monsters and undead creatures alongside his schoolmates. Their escape from the forest sets him on a new path—one that transcends sports and leads to international stardom, finally becoming a professional footballer.

But fate has other plans for him, thinking that he has finally fulfil his dream of becoming a football star. A revelation paints Emmy as a threat to the very fabric of existence, the Legends, once revered protectors and the most powerful existences on earth, now see him as the harbinger of doom and then he was hunted down. As the horrors he unknowingly brings forth, the revelation came to past due to the failure of the legends in elimination him—monstrous beings, demons, and chaos—unleash upon the world, Emmy grapples with his role in this cataclysmic dance.

The power of human race weakened, they were threatened to be erased from existence by the chaos, desperate to save humanity, Emmy embarks on a quest, a quest to face the force behind the chaos. His journey takes him to the past—a primitive era devoid of technology. Here, he meets a past version of himself: a lonely, miserable and powerful god ruling over a dying tribe. Emmy’s fate intertwines with this deity, and together, they face the ruthless Hausa Tribe, whose ambitions threaten both their worlds.

Yet, the true revelation lies deeper. Ancient gods, trapped in time with an ancient seal hold the key to salvation. Emmy’s battles escalate—from the wrath of the Hausa Tribe’s deadly god to the ultimate showdown against the force behind the impending apocalypse. Sacrifices abound, friendships are forged, and hope flickers in the darkness.

As Emmy grapples with his identity, he must confront the ultimate question: Can he rewrite destiny and save humanity from its own demise? The final battle looms—a collision of powers, past, and future. Emmy Krane stands at the crossroads, where football meets cosmic forces, and where the threads of fate weave an epic tale.

“Emmy Krane: Souls of Change” is a genre-defying saga that blends sports, mythology, and existential stakes. Prepare for a thrilling ride through time, power, and the human spirit

(Note; this novel is a mixture of both competitive sports and action dark fantasy)

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