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The Strongest Monarch In The Apocalypse Academy

The Strongest Monarch In The Apocalypse Academy

The Strongest Monarch In The Apocalypse Academy

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He found himself in a void, a completely white space. He couldn't remember anything, nor could see in this void.

He was alone for an unknown time. Until...

He saw projections of an individual's life who was called the Strongest Monarch. An individual who had the same features as his.

But before he could confirm his identity, an unexpected event happened. He finally managed to leave the white void. But....

He woke up as a baby! Yes, a baby!

Furthermore, the moment he was about to be born, he received memories, past life memories to be more exact. And according to them, he was in a world named Aevoria.

What's more, Aevoria, unfortunately, was about to face a terrible disaster - An Apocalypse.

And this would be the third Apocalypse that Aevoria would face. And the chances of survival were close to zero...

Yet, the inhabitants knew nothing about it...


There was a only vague prophecy about this upcoming doom. And a chosen one who would rise to stop it.

There were three popular and powerful academies in this world, 'Chaos Academy', 'Origin Academy', and finally, the first ever built academy - 'Apocalypse Academy'.

Previous Samiel's reason to change is laid within the Apocalypse Academy together with secrets of the third apocalypse.

Samiel had many memories with the Academy. However, were they happy or sad? Or the other?

Why was his memories from the time he graduated from the academy erased?

He still has many things to discover about this world, his true identity, and the Apocalypse.

Most of all...

He would aim to become the strongest Monarch in the Academy, in the world!

After all, in front of absolute power, everything is insignificant.


Can he do it?

However, there is another twist in this.

He isn't the chosen one nor the hero who was mentioned in the ancient prophecy, and he also...


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