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The Vagabond's Gaze

The Vagabond's Gaze

The Vagabond's Gaze

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[My WSA 2024 entry, please support the work and enjoy...]

He lost his home, he lost his only friend, he was cursed to roam the lands alone, to be shunned by society, haunted by memories of what he once had.

Then his eyes suddenly opened, and everything became clear, he could see all, nothing could hide from his gaze, it seemed like he had been blessed by the heavens, or could it have been a curse?

Navigating a conflict-torn world, filled with deceit and lies, war and honour, he comes to discover what is hidden beneath its surface, secrets hidden under the veil, truths that were never true.

As his journey unfolds, his findings reveal that his newfound eyes carry a much deeper secret, and he soon finds himself entangled in a web of ancient danger beyond his imagination.

Follow the journey of the vagabond, Ivander Rostov Marquez.

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