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World War Nether (Midnights)

World War Nether (Midnights)

World War Nether (Midnights)

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Walter, a young immigrant from Africa relocated to Europe with his mother, junior sister and step dad.

Just under a year in the UK with his new girlfriend, Nicole, things went relatively smoothly until the course of their lives completely changed in a direction nobody saw coming.

Walter and Nicole wake up in a complete nightmare. A place completely infested with every type of mythological beast, a place full of imposters, a place without sun or moonlight, a place that knows no peace.

In complete shock and panic, Walter tried to navigate his way through the chaos. Trying to stay safe he meets people who help him from the beasts that lurk everywhere. After crossing a few hurdles with the people he met, their real identities are revealed in the face of death. No one was who they claimed to be, as they all had ulterior motives.

Walter gets caught up in the heat of the conflict, and somehow, he is the cause of the war that began 7 years prior to his arrival.

“How could this be? Who am I? Why is everyone after me?” Walter wonders, on being tossed around by different groups that all struggle to keep him for their own selfish needs, making Walter the most wanted man.

Walter becomes truly stranded and alone. Everyone was lying to him, forcing Walter to choose a hard path to follow.

‘The meaning of life is that it stops, and we only understand death after it has placed its hands on a loved one.’ Those words rang in Walter's head,

“Can I really get a second chance to relive?” he wondered, still being chased by everyone; man, spirit and beast. He is left in awe as he realizes that even in death, humans are still at war with each other.

But when Walter reaches the end of his rope, he finds a real reason to fight back.